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Education on Zambian Tv Show May 20, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Features I was on Zambian TV Channel KBN discussing Bitcoin on the Fiz Show. I talked about my Bitcoin journey, why I'm focussed on Bitcoin only and how bitcoin is different to other crypto currencies. Bitcoin Flyer in Spanish May 11, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin The Bitcoin flyer, a short intro to using Bitcoin for meetups and beginners is available in Spanish now. Bitcoin Flyer in Shona May 7, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin The Bitcoin flyer, a short intro to using Bitcoin for meetups and beginners is available in Shona now. Shona is spoken by over 14 Mio. people in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. Bitcoin Flyer in Greek May 3, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin The Bitcoin flyer, a short intro to using Bitcoin for meetups and beginners is available in Greek now. Bitcoin Flyer in Catalan May 1, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin The Bitcoin flyer, a short intro to using Bitcoin for meetups and beginners is available in Catalan now. Bitcoin Gives People a Choice Apr 29, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Features I was interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine about how I am bringing financial education to the world, especially to women in Africa and why it is important. The Bitcoin Community in Zambia Is Growing Apr 16, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia I was attending the 7th Bitcoin for Fairness meetup in Lusaka, which was a great success, we installed self-custody LN wallets and a female focused community was founded. Here is my report. The Future of the Internet Is Decentralized and Nostr Could Play an Important Role Apr 4, 2023 Blog & Nostr Centralized platforms will lose all their attraction over the coming years. There are alternatives now and you can follow me on there too. Here some thoughts and my Nostr public key. Bitcoin Flyer in French, German, Slovak and Portuguese Brazilian Apr 1, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin Updated the Bitcoin flyer, a short intro to using Bitcoin for meetups and beginners. With Blue Wallet and Phoenix. Available in Francais, Slovak, Deutsch and Portuguese Brazilian. Bitcoin Transaction Is Unconfirmed and Pending - How to Speed It Up Mar 27, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Wallets In times of congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain, your transactions might get stuck and need days to confirm. Here's what you can do about it. Podcast: The Humanitarian Case for Bitcoin, Pt. 2 Mar 26, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights My second 10 minutes of arguments why Bitcoin is important for the world and especially for the Global South. Bitcoin Flyer Update: Moving to Phoenix Wallet for Lightning Mar 13, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn Bitcoin The updated Bitcoin for Fairness flyer! Since Blue Wallet is sunsetting its custodial Lightning wallet I included Phoenix Wallet instead. Podcast: The Humanitarian Case for Bitcoin, Pt. 1 Mar 2, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights 10 minutes of arguments why Bitcoin is important for the world and especially for the Global South. Review: The Best Lightning Wallets for Slow Internet 2023 Feb 23, 2023 Blog & Lightning & Bitcoin in Africa & Wallets Why I'm opting for self-custodial Lightning wallets even in areas with low Internet speed. See my test results from a rural area in Zimbabwe. Why I’m Not Podcasting and Are You a Cracker? Feb 16, 2023 Blog You might wonder why I haven't produced a podcast episode in recent weeks, even if you're not, here's a short update from me. Great Zimbabwe Second Biggest Monument in Africa Feb 15, 2023 Blog & Zimbabwe The place I chose for my Lightning wallet test isn't just any place. It's the second largest monument in Africa after the Egyptian pyramides. Bitcoin Price Surges During a War on Cash in Nigeria Feb 3, 2023 Blog & Nigeria & Bitcoin in Africa The war on cash has led to an increase in the value of bitcoin in Nigeria in January 2023. How can it be that one bitcoin is 40% more expensive there than anywhere else? Donate and Receive a Bitcoiner for Fairness Outfit Feb 2, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa You can support Bitcoin for Fairness and at the same time be the coolest Bitcoiner in town with our new merch. BFF T-shirts, caps, hoodies and more. (L)earn Bitcoin Audiobook Feb 1, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Book My Bitcoin beginners book is available as an audiobook on Audible and many other platforms. It was produced and narrated by Kevin Hanssen a Zimbabwean actor and musician. First Bitcoin and Lightning Node in Zambia Jan 29, 2023 Blog & Zambia & Bitcoin in Africa In January 2023 the first Bitcoin and Lightning node (what I know of) started running in Zambia. I brought a Bitcoin for Fairness community donated Raspiblitz device, when I was visiting Zambia in October 2022. Bitcoin and Human Rights Article Goes International Jan 26, 2023 Blog & Human Rights My article about how Bitcoin enforces human rights has been translated to German and Italian. Bitcoin, Das Geld Der Menschen Jan 16, 2023 Talks & Blog & Deutsch & Features In diesem Vortrag erfährst du, warum Bitcoin für 54% der Weltbevölkerung besonders wichtig ist und welche Probleme es löst. Podcast: How Bitcoin Solves Financial Apartheid Jan 12, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights I’m joined by Ray Youssef, the CEO of Paxful, the peer-to-peer exchange which recently removed Ethereum from their platform and he is the co-founder of Built with Bitcoin. We’re talking about building local communities, how to foster sustainable education, how the lives of people have been changed to the better and about the role Bitcoin is playing. Podcast: 2022 - a Year in Grassroots Bitcoin Adoption for Africa Dec 28, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Show This is a review of my work with Bitcoin for Fairness and what we have achieved in 2022. The goal was to spread education on the ground, foster local communities to start their own meetups, distribute infrastructure and drive connections between African communities and the so-called Western world. Podcast: Mining Bitcoin With Solar in Zimbabwe Dec 22, 2022 Blog & Show & Zimbabwe In this episode I'm talking with a Zimbabwean farmer, who's using solar power to mine bitcoin. This conversation was recorded in June 2022 and I think it's still the only mining operation in the country. 5th Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup in Lusaka, Zambia Dec 17, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa The Bitcoin for Fairness team Zambia hosted the 5th meetup in the capital Lusaka last weekend. Video Documentary: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights Dec 16, 2022 Blog & Features & Human Rights Video documentary: Opposing the corruptible fiat system, Bitcoin enforces Universal Human Rights as laid out by the United Nations. By using Bitcoin you’re supporting freedom fighters globally and helping make the world more inclusive. Hosted a Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup in Accra, Ghana Dec 12, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa We hosted a Bitcoin meetup in Accra as the Bitcoin for Fairness closing event of a long week with lots of bitcoin education and events at the first pan-African Bitcoin conference. Bitcoin Technology Center “Btc” in Edwinase Community Near Kumasi Dec 10, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa I was invited to join the opening of the "Built with Bitcoin" foundation's technology center in Kumasi, Ghana. The ceremony included a walk through the new building. I gifted my book for the library and a hardware wallet. First African Bitcoin Only Conference Sowing the Seeds for Further Adoption Dec 9, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa Six hundred people from all continents gathered in Accra, Ghana for the first African Bitcoin conference including Jack Dorsey former CEO of Twitter. Bitcoin Flyer in Luganda Dec 5, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Around 10 million people are speaking Luganda in the area of Uganda. Now they can learn and share the basics of Bitcoin with BFF's Bitcoin flyer in their own language. Podcast: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights Dec 4, 2022 Blog & Show & Human Rights This is the audio version of my article "Opposing The Corruptible Fiat System, Bitcoin Enforces Universal Human Rights". It's also the first episode on a new podcasting platform which allows me to add images and links to the episode, which you can see in your podcast player. Countries Where People Suffer the Most From Currency Depreciation Dec 4, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Zimbabwe & Bitcoin in Africa The worst performing fiat currencies globally in November 2022 are.... Opposing the Corruptible Fiat System, Bitcoin Enforces Universal Human Rights Nov 28, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Features This is the most important article I've written for Bitcoin Magazine so far. It outlines how the properties of Bitcoin allow it to protect the human rights of people around the world, as outlined by the United Nations. Lightning Node in a Browser Nov 23, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin An early version of a Lightning node running on a mobile browser was presented. Experimental, but huge if it works. Bitcoin Meetup Zambia Nr. 4 Nov 20, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Bitcoin in Africa The fourth BFF Bitcoin meetup in Zambia took place on Saturday Nov 19. Bitcoin Flyer in Swahili Nov 18, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Around 200 million people are speaking Swahili. Now they can learn and share the basics about Bitcoin with BFF's Bitcoin flyer. Bitcoin.com Launches Verse Token Nov 15, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin A word of warning! After the recent crypto frauds I find it important to explain that Bitcoin.com doesn't represent the ideas of Bitcoin BTC. Now Bitcoin.com started selling their own token called "Verse" to the public. Empowering Female Bitcoin Educators in Africa Nov 15, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Thank you - We made it! BFF is bringing a female Bitcoin educator to the Afro Bitcoin conference in Ghana. Marcel Lorraine has founded Bitcoin Dada a women centric entity focussed on providing the right education to the African woman. Earn Bitcoin on Stacker News: People Asked and I Answered Nov 11, 2022 Blog & Features & Earn bitcoin I was doing an Ask Me Anything session on Stacker News, a forum (like Reddit or Hacker News) where you can earn real money for creating or curating content. I was asked a lot of interesting questions and enjoyed the session very much. “In Conversation With Trevor” the First Zimbabwean Podcast to Receive Bitcoin Payments Nov 10, 2022 Blog & Podcasting 2.0 & Zimbabwe & Earn bitcoin The first Zimbabwean podcast is enabled to earn bitcoin. I integrated Trevor Ncube's "In Conversation with Trevor" with Alby and Blue Wallet for Value 4 Value podcasting. Podcast: Introducing Bitcoin to Zimbabwe Nov 10, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe Today's podcast episode is a recording of my appearance on Trevor Ncubes show "In Conversation with Trevor". It's a general conversation about how Bitcoin could help solve the problems of Zimbabweans, who have been riddled by inflation for decades. Privacy Talk Mit OrangedMike Nov 4, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Features Ich war zu Gast bei OrangedMike und seinem TrustBTC Podcast. Wir sprechen natürlich über Privacy, Bitcoin in Afrika und landen dann unerwartet beim Thema Kryptosteuern für Unternehmen. Message to Zimbabweans: “Bitcoin Should Be the Currency of Choice” Nov 4, 2022 Blog & Features & Zimbabwe After my appearance on "In Conversation With Trevor" Newsday Zimbabwe published an article titled ‘Bitcoin should be the currency of choice’. "Anita Posch has urged Zimbabwean businesses and individuals to use bitcoin as a medium of exchange because of its low charges when transacting as well as its being less prone to abuse." The Bitcoin Myth Busters Nov 3, 2022 Features & Blog & Learn Bitcoin As a member of C4's Certified Bitcoin Professional Committee I was part of a live streaming together with special guest Jameson Lopp where we busted myths around Bitcoin. Anita Posch on Techtrends Zambia Nov 3, 2022 Features & Blog & Zambia This is one of the interviews I gave on my second visit to Zambia in October 2022 with Techtrends a news blog focusing on technology. Paying Your Groceries With Bitcoin in South Africa Nov 1, 2022 Blog Supermarket chain Pick'n'Pay started accepting bitcoin in 36 stores in South Africa. They want to roll it out to all stores. Pick'n'Pay has 16% grocery market share in South Africa. Anita Posch on Influential Zimbabwean YouTube Channel Oct 31, 2022 Features & Blog & Zimbabwe Trevor Ncube, a Zimbabwean media entrepreneur known in Southern Africa, invited me to be a guest on his show "In Conversation with Trevor" to discuss Bitcoin. Start Using Bitcoin in 5 Minutes Oct 28, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin How to start using Bitcoin in 5 minutes. A video guide to setup the Blue Wallet on your phone (Android and iOS) and secure your private keys. Podcast: Using Bitcoin in Zambia Oct 27, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia My new podcast episode with Mr. Mulos, who recently opened the first Bitcoin kiosk in Lusaka. We talk about scams and why people fall for them. Bitcoin Documentary With Anita Posch on German Tv Oct 26, 2022 Blog & Features German TV ARD published a Bitcoin documentary and followed me to South Africa where I worked with Bitcoin Ekasi in May 2022. Craig Wright May Be Called A “Fraud” And “Scammer” Oct 20, 2022 Blog Craig Wright has been claiming that he is Satoshi Nakamoto for years. Now a court determined that Wright has not provided evidence that he is Satoshi. How Bitcoin Supported Nigerian Protests Against Police Brutality Oct 20, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa On this day 2 years ago the EndSARS movement was happening in Nigeria. See how bitcoin supported activists whose bank accounts were frozen. Aprenda Bitcoin - Book in Portuguese Oct 18, 2022 Blog & Book & Nomad Diary My (L)earn Bitcoin book was translated to Portuguese and is available for purchase now. Talking About Bitcoin Mining in Zambia Oct 17, 2022 Features & Blog & Zambia During my Bitcoin for Fairness tour in Zambia I was on KBN TV talking about Bitcoin mining and scams. Millenium Tv Zambia Oct 13, 2022 Features & Blog & Zambia In a TV interview I emphasized the importance of Bitcoin mining for a country with cheap electricity and hydropower like Zambia and how to detect scams. Podcast: Insights From an African Bitcoin Enthusiast Oct 13, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa New podcast episode 163: Interview with a Bitcoin enthusiast from Africa. Lots of insights on trading volume, regulation, use-cases and the answer to do people use Bitcoin or stablecoins? A Bitcoin Node and Trezor Hardware Wallets for Zambia Oct 10, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary I brought a Raspiblitz donated by the Bitcoin for Fairness community and some hardware wallets donated by Trezor to Zambia. Bitcoin Workshop for Journalists in Zambia Oct 10, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary & Talks My Bitcoin for Fairness team in Zambia and I conducted a workshop for journalists to educate the educators. They learned how to send and receive bitcoin and we emphasized the importance of Bitcoin as a neutral, inclusive and permissionless money for the Internet. Bitcoin Communities Drive Adoption in Africa Oct 9, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa I was interviewed by Hannatu Asheolge for TechCabal at the beginning of October 2022. She asked about my work with Bitcoin for Fairness in Africa and we discussed the role of Bitcoin for human rights activists and opposition based on the example of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition. Learn About Bitcoin or Be Scammed Oct 9, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa While in Zambia I was interviewed by Buumba Cimbulu for Daily Nation "The People's Newspaper" of Zambia. Sending Bitcoin Without Internet Oct 9, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Africans in 9 countries can send and receive bitcoin without internet now. The service works on any mobile phone and uses USSD code. Millions of Africans are used to it, because it's the way how mobile money works. Here is a demonstration. A Black Raised Fist on My Book Cover - A “Bold Choice” Oct 4, 2022 Blog I was accused of "Bitcoin colonialism" and using a raised black fist on my book cover was called a "bold choice for a white author". This is my rebuttal. Bitcoin Meetup in Zambia Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Together with my BFF friends in Lusaka I was organizing the third Zambian Bitcoin for Fairness meetup. Here is what happened including pictures. Bitcoin Lecture at University of Zambia Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Earn bitcoin & Talks Anita Posch gave a Bitcoin lecture at the University of Zambia in front of 30 students. Here you can find the video and the presentation of the talk. The Panel on Digital Rights Turned Into a Promotion of Bitcoin Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary A Panel on Digital Rights turned into a promotion of Bitcoin: Kathleen Ndongmo and Anita Posch made the case on how Bitcoin can be a viable alternative since the African governments and regulations keep excluding people from interacting economically with their peers. Including video. Forum on Internet Freedom and Tv Interview Oct 2, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Preparing for the panel at the Forum on Internet Freedom and TV interview Sending Money From Zimbabwe to South Africa With Almost Zero Fees Oct 2, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary An outing to the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe with camping, stunning views, ancient rock paintings and in this remote area I wanted to test Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin for Fairness on the Ground in Lusaka Oct 1, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Day 1 in Lusaka, Zambia Bitcoin Flyer Oct 1, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin Released the Bitcoin flyer, a short and concise intro to using Bitcoin safely for meetups and beginners. Download, print and share it. Differences Between Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Sep 18, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake have different goals, so the question is: what are you trying to achieve with a blockchain? Bitcoin? Could Help Millions of Unbanked People. Sep 16, 2022 Features & Blog First time I was the guest on a non-Bitcoin related podcast show. Mike Seminary was inviting me to talk about Bitcoin, mining and how it could Insights From Exchanging Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer in Zimbabwe Sep 12, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Due to the difficult and dangerous political climate in Zimbabwe at the moment, I can’t disclose the identity of the people I’m talking with. P2p Adoption Sep 11, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary It’s Sunday and I treated myself with a massage by a therapist. A young woman, who came to our house. We spoke a little bit about life and the Money in a Bag Sep 10, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Today I want to share with you the story of a Zimbabwean friend who has been using bitcoin for the last 2 years. One of the main use-cases is Baby, I’m a Billionaire Sep 9, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary No need to wait for bitcoin to go to 10 Million anymore! I’m a Billionaire already! My Zimbabwean friend searched her archive and found 55 Billion Topping up My Phone With EcoCash Sep 8, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Today I used my Zimbabwean SIM card and added airtime to it so that I can do calls and send texts. My friend paid for my bundle with EcoCash from Finding the Best Deals in Zimbabwe Sep 7, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Yesterday I wrote about the price of toilet paper in Zimbabwe. Well, guess what? Today we saw the same toilet paper in another store for more than Shopping With Two Currencies in Zimbabwe Sep 6, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Greetings from day 1 in Zimbabwe, where toilet paper costs 10 USD (more than twice than in Austria) Prices are labeled in USD. Otherwise the shop Bitcoin Is the Embodiment of Human Rights - Talk Sep 3, 2022 Talks & Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Features Bitcoin brings economic empowerment for billions of people worldwide who have been excluded from the current monetary system by global Bitcoin for Fairness on What Bitcoin Did Aug 24, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa “In Zimbabwe for instance with that high inflation: if you tell them you can’t inflate that money, you can’t make more out of this Bitcoin, you Advocating for Human Rights Through Bitcoin Jul 24, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa This episode is a recording of the conversation I had on the Cryptopulse podcast with Kevin and Ben from the UK. It was recorded in late June 2022. Crypto Lending Scheme Implosions Make Bitcoin Stronger Jun 29, 2022 Features & Blog I wrote Crypto Lending Scheme Implosions Make Bitcoin Stronger an article arguing that despite the cryptocurrency market decline, it’s clear that Bitcoin’s Volatility Is Decreasing Jun 9, 2022 Learn Bitcoin & Economics & Blog Simply put: the volatility of a currency or money describes its value change. If the price of bitcoin goes up 5% on one day and down 10% the next The Oslo Freedom Forum Asks, Is Bitcoin Compatible With Democracy? May 27, 2022 Features & Blog I wrote The Oslo Freedom Forum Asks, Is Bitcoin Compatible With Democracy? an article about how four international human rights activists are using Bitcoin for Fairness in Zimbabwe and Zambia Apr 6, 2022 Features & Blog I joined Stephan Livera to talk about my trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia in March 2022. We chatted about: Why I went Crypto Scammers vs Bitcoin Government-Imposed Bitcoin Adoption Is Clashing With Community Efforts on the Ground in El Salvador Dec 23, 2021 Features & Blog I wrote an op-ed for Bitcoin Magazine after my visit to El Salvador showing that heavy-handed government efforts are clashing with Bitcoin’s Bringing Bitcoin to Billions via the Lightning Network Nov 23, 2021 Features & Blog The Art of (L)earning Bitcoin Nov 18, 2021 Learn Bitcoin & Blog Recommended resources to learn Bitcoin for beginners in English and Spanish (L)earn Bitcoin, Anita Posch The Internet of Money, Andreas M. Bitcoin Is Emancipation From Financial Patriarchy Nov 12, 2021 Features & Blog Podcast: Jörg Platzer Insights of the World’s First Bitcoin Merchant Oct 21, 2021 Blog & Show Meet Jörg Platzer, co-founder of Room77 in Berlin, the very first bar in the world to accept bitcoin for beer and burgers in 2011. Bitcoiners from around the world met in the Room, and their discussions sparked dozens of projects and ideas. Today’s Petrodollar System Sep 3, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Basics of Bitcoin: The Petrodollar System Bitcoin Is Not a Ponzi Scheme Aug 27, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Basics of Bitcoin: The real ponzi scheme Central Banks and Inflation Aug 20, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Basics of Bitcoin: Central banks as lenders of last resort and money supply inflation CoinDesk: Opinionated Podcast Aug 18, 2021 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Anita was a guest at CoinDesk’s podcast “Opinionated” to talk about her experiences from Africa. What can Bitcoin do in a country where less than a How Money Is Created Aug 13, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Basics of Bitcoin: Understanding the current monetary system. Money is created through debt The Evolution of Money Aug 6, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog A short history of money with an early example of a shared ledger. Bitcoin Unites People Jul 16, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog US hegemony powered by the petrodollar, Money used as a weapon - Cuban crisis, "Human B" documentary recording in Venezuela, New report on mining confirms hashrate relocation from China, Bitcoin mining in Africa and Zimbabwe Is This the End of Privacy? Jul 9, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Cypherpunks write code, Chatcontrol: EU parliament approves mass surveillance of private communications, Bitcoin users find ways around government bans, Sending bitcoin offline is possible, Pressure against proof-of-work in Europe, One of the oldest hydro-power stations in the US is mining bitcoin Bitcoin Keeps Calm and Carries On Jul 2, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog China's crackdown on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin mining council discloses energy mix, Bitcoin users called "de-facto participant in a criminal conspiracy", Banks stormed in Lebanon, Buy bitcoin without fees, the debt trap of emerging countries Bitcoin, the Steady Lifeboat Jun 26, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Miners leaving China, Bitcoin custodial banking risks, El Salvador will give bitcoin to the people, Paraguay will vote about Bitcoin, Bitcoin toppling dictators Don’t Trust, Verify! Scammers Send Fake Hardware Wallets Jun 18, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Bitcoin the last 12 years, bullish signs, trading volume in the last year, reactions towards El Salvador's decision to make bitcoin legal tender, fake hardware wallets, Blockstream's Bitcoin strategy A New Bitcoin Epoch Jun 11, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador and what that means, other countries might follow, Taproot activation Bitcoin on the Moon Jun 4, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Taproot on the way, Bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe, Inflation hits new records, news from China and India, Bitcoin was on the moon, building a permissionless future Keep Calm and Carry On May 28, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Bitcoin privacy improvements, mining developments in China, solar power is bad?, hodlers hodl, state of the Lightning Network, Bitcoin and new art forms Bitcoin Is on Sale and That’s Good May 21, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Bitcoin dipping, what's next?; volatility is good; where Bitcoin is needed the most; Sub-Saharan Africa's trading volume up in 2021; Bitcoin, NFTS and the arts, US regulatory crackdown will spur decentralization The Eco-Narrative Against Bitcoin and Why It Doesn’t Use Proof-of-Stake May 14, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Tesla dismissing bitcoin payments, Tesla's income relying on renewable energy credits, Elon Musk pumping Doge, why Bitcoin doesn't change to proof-of-stake Don’t Mess With Bitcoin May 7, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Bitcoin empowers Zimbabweans, Buckminster Fullers' energy and wealth vision, Iran trying to regulate mining, censored mining, mining more decentralized, Taproot activation, Buffett and Munger yelling at Bitcoin, DeFi on Bitcoin, global adoption of Bitcoin Documentation of My RaspiBlitz 1.7 Upgrade May 2, 2021 Learn Bitcoin & Blog I am a Windows user, I have some very basic BASIC knowledge. I know how to build websites with HTML, PHP and MySQL, but I am not a coder. I have The BullBear Week Apr 30, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Importance of open source software, Tesla contributing to Bitcoin, China banning mining?, bad news for Turkish exchange customers, Bitcoin promotes fairness and works without Internet, hash rate recovery, largest-ever purchase of bitcoin made by a listed company in Tokyo Is Bitcoin Dead Again? Apr 23, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Major hash rate drop, China mining, a trojan horse for freedom, trading volume in Turkey increases, Bitcoin growing faster than the Internet, on-chain volume new record, price drops Bitcoin Is an Alternative Apr 16, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Turkey bans banks from using bitcoin, Argentina needs Bitcoin, USD deprecation, freedom movement in Congo and Swiss insurer AXA accepting bitcoin, illiquid supply potentially bullish, NYT publishing false assumptions around Bitcoin's environmental costs, Coinbase's direct listing Kleptocrats, Bitcoin Will Make You Obsolete Apr 9, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Where Bitcoin will shine, Satoshi Nakamoto's motive, education is key, security of hardware wallets, inflation is a good thing?, fractional reserve banking coming to Bitcoin, the energy debate will never end, Bitcoin transforms lost energy into value Banning Bitcoin? Au Contraire Apr 2, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog India and Nigeria fail to ban Bitcoin, trading volumes surges in countries with high inflation, Teletubbies and Bitcoin, how you can increase your privacy, $30 Billion USD sent in Bitcoin daily, Coinbase stock to begin trading Towards a Circular Bitcoin Economy Mar 26, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Income generation for content creators, Tesla using bitcoin, Microsoft building identity network atop Bitcoin, Lightning network growth and charging a Tesla through bitcoin micropayments. Bitcoin Is Maturing Mar 19, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Bitcoin content is maturing, solution for transition from fossil fuels towards solar power, Morgan Stanley adopting bitcoin - but how!, CBDCs a threat to privacy, Security and give-away scams The Bitcoin Energy Debate Mar 12, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog It is really important to me to debunk false arguments about Bitcoin mining. I worry about the climate situation and NFTs and Decentralization Mar 5, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Find my short explainer about NFTs on Austrian radio FM4. At the moment I see a hype in the crypto space around NFTs, similar to the ICO hype of Fm4 Radio: Crypto Art - What Is an NFT? Mar 5, 2021 Features & Blog At the moment I see a hype in the crypto space around NFTs, similar to the ICO hype of 2017. Although many people dismiss NFTs I think they do have Bitcoin and Institutions Feb. 2021 Feb 26, 2021 Economics & Blog Bitcoin was made for individuals to be able to own like property or cash. An individual can hold the keys by themselves and decide what to do with Anita Posch About Podcasting 2.0 on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast Feb 26, 2021 Podcasting 2.0 & Features & Blog This week on the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with long-time Bitcoin podcaster and advocate Anita Posch. Posch is the Hyperinflation in Germany and Austria 100 Years Ago Feb 26, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog 100 years ago there was a devastating hyper-inflation in Germany and Austria. Prices doubled every year after the first world war between 1914 and Not Having Bitcoin Would Be the Net Waste Feb 19, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog I don’t know, who it was, but somebody said to me in the last bear market, that the mainstream interest in Bitcoin will come back, when it reaches Bitcoin Has No Top Feb 12, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Seems Bitcoin is still for the crazy people. Those who dare to not only think differently than the mainstream, but also have the guts to bear up How to Get a Secure Bitcoin Wallet: Blockstream Green Wallet Tutorial Feb 8, 2021 Learn Bitcoin & Blog The Blockstream “Green Wallet” by Green Address Ltd. is a non-custodial wallet. This means, that you are the true owner of your bitcoin. The Green Transaction Fees and Mempool Feb 8, 2021 Learn Bitcoin & Blog Johoe’s Bitcoin Mempool Statistics: https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#0,24h Mempool https://mempool.space Bitcoin Not Blockchain Feb 5, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog So many people are following what the billionaires do. Every single Tweet of those guys is influencing the newbies in the space. They are loud and Integrity Jan 29, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change - is a virtue not every person has. Even more Bitcoin Fud and Tool for Freeing Humanity Jan 22, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog “Bitcoin is a tool for freeing humanity from oligarchs and tyrants, dressed up as a get-rich-quick scheme.” - Naval Ravikant This week we saw a lot Own Your Digital Assets Jan 15, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog The fools who bought Bitcoin in December 2017 and did not sell, are winners now. Hold it, learn more about it, and use it. If you are new to Bitcoin Bitcoin Has Settled Almost $10 Trillion Jan 8, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Many headlines this week in the Bitcoin space. And because of demand Kraken, Gemini, Coinbase and Binance have been all down. Is this fast price Price Predictions Jan 1, 2021 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog What is Podcasting 2.0? It is ground breaking new technology for content creation. I show, how we can build a self-sustaining decentralized Podcasting 2.0: How to Earn Bitcoin With Content Creation Dec 30, 2020 Podcasting 2.0 & Blog & Earn bitcoin Anita Posch presents how you can build a self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem for podcasting with bitcoin. Podcasting 2.0 is an open movement The Ledger Hack Ii Dec 25, 2020 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog This week’s big story was the Ledger hack. Someone put the full database of the breached data from Ledger’s marketing database online. Ledger Bitcoin Use-Age Around the World Dec 18, 2020 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog 10 years ago, on Dec 11 Satoshi Nakamoto left the last public message on the bitcointalk forum. Since then nothing. He/she/they might be dead. Many Protect Yourself Dec 4, 2020 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog Many new Bitcoiners coming to the space are not interested in Bitcoin as a tool for self-sovereignty and freedom. They want profit only. Therefore Financial Inclusion and Democratizing Money - Beyond the Chain Nov 30, 2020 Features & Blog Anita Posch discussing why Bitcoin is democratizing money on Nash podcast. Why financial inclusion is a thing Excluded groups What are the Buy the Dip Nov 27, 2020 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog In the last two weeks, the bitcoin price took off. I felt that this was going too fast. After almost reaching the ATH from December 2017, bitcoin’s Why Bitcoin Now? Differences to 2017 Nov 27, 2020 Economics & Blog This week Bitcoin reached almost a new all-time-high. For the first time since December 16, 2017, the bitcoin price was only 2 percent under the Beginning of a Bull Run Nov 20, 2020 Weekly & Learn Bitcoin & Blog We are at the beginning of a bull run. It is my second after the one in 2017. When the market price rises, there will be the usual FUD stories soon. 7 Misconceptions About Bitcoin Nov 13, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Weekly & Blog Listeners now have the ability to pledge streaming payments to the podcaster at rates like 100 sats/minute, and to tip for their favorite sections. The Anita Posch Show One of the First Podcasts Enabling Streaming Money Nov 11, 2020 Podcasting 2.0 & Blog & Earn bitcoin The The Anita Posch show tribe is live. Now you can listen to my podcast episodes and at the same time send some sats. There are two ways of doing Streaming Money. in Your Podcast Player Soon. Nov 11, 2020 Podcasting 2.0 & Blog & Earn bitcoin “Listeners now have the ability to pledge streaming payments to the podcaster at rates like 100 sats/minute, and to tip for their favorite Bitcoin Treasuries in Companies Nov 6, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Weekly & Blog 9-Bitcoin Treasuries in Publicly Traded Companies Ant, Uber, and the true nature of money, Cory Doctorow Scary Stories of Cryptoween - Livestream Bitcoin Trading Volume in South Africa Is Surging Nov 5, 2020 Economics & Bitcoin in Africa & Blog This is the chart depicting the cumulative trading volume on the P2P platforms LocalBitcoins and Paxful in South Africa from 2016 to 2020. There are Bitcoin Treasuries in Publicly Traded Companies Nov 5, 2020 Economics & Blog Waiting for companies to use bitcoin? Not seeing adoption, because you can not pay your groceries with bitcoin? On the surface it might look like Major European Stock Exchange Lists First Bitcoin Product Sep 20, 2020 Features & Blog Wiener Börse clients can now get exposure to crypto from a regulated trading platform without having to actually buy the cryptocurrency on their Bch, Bsv, Btg, Btc, Btc2, BTCV…What to Invest In Sep 7, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Blog What is the difference between Bitcoin Vault and LocalBitcoins? What are all those different Bitcoin versions that can be found on exchanges or The Tinkerer’s Anthem Sep 6, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Blog If you ever get overwhelmed by the fact, that as a Bitcoiner people will dismiss you, will argue with you, call Bitcoin a scam and many things more, Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme? Sep 4, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Blog In August 1920 the “financial legend” Charles Ponzi was arrested. In only a year he had taken in $20 million dollars from ten-thousands of victims. Appearance on Seth Godin’s Akimbo Podcast Talking Bitcoin Aug 3, 2020 Features & Blog test description Bitcoin was never hacked. Twitter was. Jul 16, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Blog On July 15th 2020 Twitter was severely hacked. Prominent and verified accounts like the ones of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian and Why Invest in the Future of Money With Bitcoin Jun 23, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Talks & Blog It was great to be able to talk at the Lesbians Who Tech Virtual Pride Summit in 2020. Video should be available soon Podcast: Ray Youssef Bringing Bitcoin Into Africa With Gift Cards Is Solving Real Problems May 21, 2020 Blog & Show I talk with Ray Youssef, Co-Founder and CEO of Paxful, a peer-to-peer marketplace for money transfers serving about 4 million people in every country of the world. Bitcoin in Zimbabwe - Anita Posch on What Bitcoin Did Apr 26, 2020 Features & Zimbabwe & Bitcoin in Africa & Blog “I’m into Bitcoin because of the possibility to support human rights and support people’s lives.” — Anita Posch In this interview, Peter Bitcoin Learnings From Zimbabwe and Botswana Apr 22, 2020 Talks & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe & Blog In February 2020 I travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana to learn more about the usage of Bitcoin in Africa and to present the findings in my 6-part This Week in Bitcoin- 4-10-2020- Dollar Supremacy, Inflation, CoinMarketCap, Halving, Belarus, Zimbabwe Apr 22, 2020 Features & Zimbabwe & Blog Been a guest at Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meisters Youtube show. We were talking about: Bitcoin stories from all over the world! Anita tells us In Zimbabwe, Crypto Is A ‘Liberation Tool’ Mar 21, 2020 Features & Blog After three weeks of listening, recording and talking Bitcoin in Africa, podcaster Anita Posch shares her experiences in part one of this new Bitcoin Basics: How to Use Bitcoin? a Talk by Anita Posch in Africa Feb 15, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe & Blog Bitcoin introduction: What is Bitcoin? Use-cases for bitcoin BTC, how to prevent scams, how bitcoin works, bitcoin mining, what is a blockchain, Presenting “2019 a Year in Review” at Bitcoin Austria 73rd Meetup Jan 3, 2020 Talks & Learn Bitcoin & Blog On Jan 3rd, 2020 I was presenting “2019 A year in review” at the 73rd Bitcoin Austria Meetup in Vienna. With charts and the most interesting Anita Posch On “The Tatiana Show” Oct 16, 2019 Features & Blog I was a invited as an interview partner by singer, songwriter and longtime Blockchain enthusiast Tatiana Moroz. She started her show back in 2015 CoinDesk: They Biked, Ran and Swam Over 200 Miles Across Europe - All for Bitcoin Aug 29, 2019 Features & Blog A group of bitcoin enthusiasts just ran, biked and swam across Europe, all to promote the cryptocurrency they believe is leaving a powerful, Bitcoin Magazine: Satoshi Freeathlon Raises Awareness Through Sport Aug 22, 2019 Features & Blog An upcoming four-day triathlon from Switzerland to Germany is meant to raise awareness around the power of permissionless money. Full article Bitcoin Whitepaper Mar 21, 2018 Learn Bitcoin & Blog The Bitcoin Whitepaper as published by Satoshi Nakamoto on Oct 30, 2008 Whitepaper

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