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Education on Zambian TV Show May 20, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Features & Zambia I was on Zambian TV Channel KBN discussing Bitcoin on the Fiz Show. I talked about my Bitcoin journey, why I'm focussed on Bitcoin only and how bitcoin is different to other crypto currencies. The Bitcoin Community in Zambia is Growing Apr 16, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia I was attending the 7th Bitcoin for Fairness meetup in Lusaka, which was a great success, we installed self-custody LN wallets and a female focused community was founded. Here is my report. First Bitcoin and Lightning node in Zambia Jan 29, 2023 Blog & Zambia & Bitcoin in Africa In January 2023 the first Bitcoin and Lightning node (what I know of) started running in Zambia. I brought a Bitcoin for Fairness community donated Raspiblitz device, when I was visiting Zambia in October 2022. Bitcoin Meetup Zambia Nr. 4 Nov 20, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Bitcoin in Africa The fourth BFF Bitcoin meetup in Zambia took place on Saturday Nov 19. Anita Posch on Techtrends Zambia Nov 3, 2022 Features & Blog & Zambia This is one of the interviews I gave on my second visit to Zambia in October 2022 with Techtrends a news blog focusing on technology. Podcast: Using Bitcoin In Zambia Oct 27, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia My new podcast episode with Mr. Mulos, who recently opened the first Bitcoin kiosk in Lusaka. We talk about scams and why people fall for them. Talking about Bitcoin mining in Zambia Oct 17, 2022 Features & Blog & Zambia During my Bitcoin for Fairness tour in Zambia I was on KBN TV talking about Bitcoin mining and scams. Millenium TV Zambia Oct 13, 2022 Features & Blog & Zambia In a TV interview I emphasized the importance of Bitcoin mining for a country with cheap electricity and hydropower like Zambia and how to detect scams. A Bitcoin node and Trezor hardware wallets for Zambia Oct 10, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary I brought a Raspiblitz donated by the Bitcoin for Fairness community and some hardware wallets donated by Trezor to Zambia. Bitcoin Workshop for Journalists in Zambia Oct 10, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary & Talks My Bitcoin for Fairness team in Zambia and I conducted a workshop for journalists to educate the educators. They learned how to send and receive bitcoin and we emphasized the importance of Bitcoin as a neutral, inclusive and permissionless money for the Internet. Learn about Bitcoin or be scammed Oct 9, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia While in Zambia I was interviewed by Buumba Cimbulu for Daily Nation "The People's Newspaper" of Zambia. Bitcoin Meetup in Zambia Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Together with my BFF friends in Lusaka I was organizing the third Zambian Bitcoin for Fairness meetup. Here is what happened including pictures. Bitcoin lecture at University of Zambia Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Earn bitcoin & Talks Anita Posch gave a Bitcoin lecture at the University of Zambia in front of 30 students. Here you can find the video and the presentation of the talk. The Panel on Digital Rights turned into a promotion of Bitcoin Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary A Panel on Digital Rights turned into a promotion of Bitcoin: Kathleen Ndongmo and Anita Posch made the case on how Bitcoin can be a viable alternative since the African governments and regulations keep excluding people from interacting economically with their peers. Including video. Forum on Internet Freedom and TV interview Oct 2, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Preparing for the panel at the Forum on Internet Freedom and TV interview Bitcoin for Fairness on the ground in Lusaka Oct 1, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Day 1 in Lusaka, Zambia

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