What I’m Doing Now

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Living in Zimbabwe and Planning 2023

In December I wrote an article for Bitcoin Magazine about the work I did for grassroots adoption of Bitcoin in 2022. After winding down for 2 weeks in the Zimbabwean bush, without Internet(!), I’m focussing on what I want to accomplish in 2023 now. The goal is to work less while reaching a wider audience. Being present on the African continent is important to build trust in a money that has been used for a lot of scams. Online education can reach far more people and it provides a safe space for human rights activists, who might not want to engage with Bitcoin at a public meetup. That’s why I’m building a membership program with online courses where individuals and activists can learn how to use bitcoin securely all that within a trusted space. The focus of the program will be on self-custody, privacy and how to earn bitcoin.

If you want to support my work you can do this here: https://anita.link/donate

Updated Jan 17, 2023

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