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3 Weeks in Mexico and Book Release

I attended the Satoshi Roundtable conference in Los Cabos, Mexico and decided to stay longer, because it’s quite a long journey from Austria. Now I’m in an Airbnb working and enjoying the beach. To be honest, the heat is quite unbearable here, I’ll need to find a slightly cooler location for my upcoming winter residence.

My book is published on Amazon and the ebook can be purchased with bitcoin on my own website. Due to immense logistical and tax reporting hurdles, I won’t be selling the paperback through my on sales channels. It’s no wonder, that all self-publishers are using Amazon. It makes global distribution much easier. I will release the paperback on Ingram Spark too. This is a print on demand service much like Amazon, only it’s not Amazon and it’s preferred by bookstores and libraries.

As soon as I am back in Austria I’ll start rebranding my podcast and conduct new interviews with interesting guests.

Updated August 4, 2021

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