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Überraschende Einblicke - Bitcoins Rolle in Afrika - Interview Jul 18, 2024 Blog & Deutsch & Features & Bitcoin in Africa Überraschende Aspekte von Bitcoin im Zusammenhang mit finanzieller Unterdrückung, Kreislaufwirtschaft und Privatsphäre in Afrika. Podcast: Spending Bitcoin Is Important with Carel van Wyk Apr 2, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin I interviewed Carel van Wyk about why spending Bitcon is important in many African countries and how he implemented Bitcoin Lightning payments at PicknPay, South Africa’s largest retailer. Podcast: Bitcoin Empowers Zambia and Zimbabwe Mar 19, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin In this interview I examined Bitcoin's role in financial freedom, shared impact stories, and analyzed Bitcoin's global use and perception differences. Podcast: Financial Empowerment Mar 5, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Why is Bitcoin different than any other cryptocurrency? Hear me sharing my journey to becoming a Bitcoin advocate, focusing on the importance of financial empowerment in African countries and the goals of Bitcoin for Fairness. Podcast: On the Access Tribe Podcast Feb 21, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin In this interview, I talk about my Bitcoin journey, my work in the Global South, my book, and membership platform. Lightning Wallets: Self-Custody Despite Poor Network Connection - Best Apps Tested in Zimbabwe 2024 Jan 26, 2024 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Lightning & Wallets & Liquid & E-Cash & Bitcoin in Africa Testing self-custodial Lightning wallets with results on their payment reliability, speed, user-friendliness, fees and security features. Bitcoin For Fairness Review 2023 Dec 26, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Show A review of what Bitcoin For Fairness and Anita Posch achieved for Bitcoin adoption in 2023 #7 Most Impactful African Bitcoiner Dec 15, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Anita Posch was awarded as one of the most impactful African Bitcoiners of the year 2023. Bitcoin Empowers Africa and Africans Empower Bitcoin | Plan ₿ Forum 2023 Nov 15, 2023 Blog & Talks & Bitcoin in Africa At the Plan ₿ Forum 2023 I highlighted the two-way relationship between Bitcoin's impact on Africa's financial revolution and the important role of Africans in Bitcoin adoption. Why ‘Bitcoin Is a Tool for Freedom’ - Especially in Africa: Guest at Laura Shin’s Unchained Podcast Aug 15, 2023 Blog & Features & Bitcoin in Africa Guest at Laura Shin's Unchained podcast: Why ‘Bitcoin Is a Tool for Freedom’ – Especially in Africa. Bitcoin Empowers Africa and Africans Empower Bitcoin Jun 11, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Talks Anita Posch's keynote on how "Bitcoin Empowers Africa and Africans Empower Bitcoin" presenting current adoption, use cases, challenges, future developments and how Bitcoin unites the world. Cypherpunks’ Code Enforces Human Rights May 21, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Features I was speaking about how Bitcoin represents human rights and acts as a tool for civil resistance and empowerment at Bitcoin Pizza Day in Prague. Education on Zambian TV Show May 20, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Features & Zambia I was on Zambian TV Channel KBN discussing Bitcoin on the Fiz Show. I talked about my Bitcoin journey, why I'm focussed on Bitcoin only and how bitcoin is different to other crypto currencies. Bitcoin Gives People A Choice Apr 29, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Features I was interviewed by Bitcoin Magazine about how I am bringing financial education to the world, especially to women in Africa and why it is important. The Bitcoin Community in Zambia is Growing Apr 16, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia I was attending the 7th Bitcoin for Fairness meetup in Lusaka, which was a great success, we installed self-custody LN wallets and a female focused community was founded. Here is my report. Review: The best Lightning wallets for slow internet 2023 Feb 23, 2023 Blog & Lightning & Bitcoin in Africa & Wallets Why I'm opting for self-custodial Lightning wallets even in areas with low Internet speed. See my test results from a rural area in Zimbabwe. Bitcoin price surges during a war on cash in Nigeria Feb 3, 2023 Blog & Nigeria & Bitcoin in Africa The war on cash has led to an increase in the value of bitcoin in Nigeria in January 2023. How can it be that one bitcoin is 40% more expensive there than anywhere else? Donate and receive a Bitcoiner for Fairness outfit Feb 2, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa You can support Bitcoin for Fairness and at the same time be the coolest Bitcoiner in town with our new merch. BFF T-shirts, caps, hoodies and more. First Bitcoin and Lightning node in Zambia Jan 29, 2023 Blog & Zambia & Bitcoin in Africa In January 2023 the first Bitcoin and Lightning node (what I know of) started running in Zambia. I brought a Bitcoin for Fairness community donated Raspiblitz device, when I was visiting Zambia in October 2022. Podcast: 2022 - A Year In Grassroots Bitcoin Adoption For Africa Dec 28, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Show This is a review of my work with Bitcoin for Fairness and what we have achieved in 2022. The goal was to spread education on the ground, foster local communities to start their own meetups, distribute infrastructure and drive connections between African communities and the so-called Western world. #5 Most Impactful African Bitcoiner Dec 26, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Anita Posch was awarded as one of the most impactful African Bitcoiners of the year 2022. 5th Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup in Lusaka, Zambia Dec 17, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa The Bitcoin for Fairness team Zambia hosted the 5th meetup in the capital Lusaka last weekend. Hosted a Bitcoin for Fairness Meetup in Accra, Ghana Dec 12, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa We hosted a Bitcoin meetup in Accra as the Bitcoin for Fairness closing event of a long week with lots of bitcoin education and events at the first pan-African Bitcoin conference. Bitcoin die große Hoffnung für Afrika! Dec 12, 2022 Blog & Deutsch & Features & Bitcoin in Africa Bitcoin ist Hoffnung! Anita Posch ist zu Gast beim Blocktrainer und berichtet aus erster Hand von der Lage in Afrika. Bitcoin Technology Center “BTC” in Edwinase community near Kumasi Dec 10, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa I was invited to join the opening of the "Built with Bitcoin" foundation's technology center in Kumasi, Ghana. The ceremony included a walk through the new building. I gifted my book for the library and a hardware wallet. First African Bitcoin only Conference sowing the seeds for further adoption Dec 9, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Bitcoin in Africa Six hundred people from all continents gathered in Accra, Ghana for the first African Bitcoin conference including Jack Dorsey former CEO of Twitter. Bitcoin Flyer in Luganda Dec 5, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Around 10 million people are speaking Luganda in the area of Uganda. Now they can learn and share the basics of Bitcoin with BFF's Bitcoin flyer in their own language. Countries where people suffer the most from currency depreciation Dec 4, 2022 Blog & Ghana & Zimbabwe & Bitcoin in Africa & Inflation The worst performing fiat currencies globally in November 2022 are.... Bitcoin Meetup Zambia Nr. 4 Nov 20, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Bitcoin in Africa The fourth BFF Bitcoin meetup in Zambia took place on Saturday Nov 19. Bitcoin Flyer in Swahili Nov 18, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Around 200 million people are speaking Swahili. Now they can learn and share the basics about Bitcoin with BFF's Bitcoin flyer. Empowering female Bitcoin educators in Africa Nov 15, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Thank you - We made it! BFF is bringing a female Bitcoin educator to the Afro Bitcoin conference in Ghana. Marcel Lorraine has founded Bitcoin Dada a women centric entity focussed on providing the right education to the African woman. Podcast: Introducing Bitcoin to Zimbabwe Nov 10, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe Today's podcast episode is a recording of my appearance on Trevor Ncubes show "In Conversation with Trevor". It's a general conversation about how Bitcoin could help solve the problems of Zimbabweans, who have been riddled by inflation for decades. Podcast: Using Bitcoin In Zambia Oct 27, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia My new podcast episode with Mr. Mulos, who recently opened the first Bitcoin kiosk in Lusaka. We talk about scams and why people fall for them. How Bitcoin supported Nigerian protests against police brutality Oct 20, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Nigeria On this day 2 years ago the EndSARS movement was happening in Nigeria. See how bitcoin supported activists whose bank accounts were frozen. Podcast: Insights from an African Bitcoin Enthusiast Oct 13, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa New podcast episode 163: Interview with a Bitcoin enthusiast from Africa. Lots of insights on trading volume, regulation, use-cases and the answer to do people use Bitcoin or stablecoins? Bitcoin communities drive adoption in Africa Oct 9, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa I was interviewed by Hannatu Asheolge for TechCabal at the beginning of October 2022. She asked about my work with Bitcoin for Fairness in Africa and we discussed the role of Bitcoin for human rights activists and opposition based on the example of the Nigerian Feminist Coalition. Learn about Bitcoin or be scammed Oct 9, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia While in Zambia I was interviewed by Buumba Cimbulu for Daily Nation "The People's Newspaper" of Zambia. Sending Bitcoin without Internet Oct 9, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Africans in 9 countries can send and receive bitcoin without internet now. The service works on any mobile phone and uses USSD code. Millions of Africans are used to it, because it's the way how mobile money works. Here is a demonstration. Bitcoin for Fairness on What Bitcoin Did Aug 24, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa “In Zimbabwe for instance with that high inflation: if you tell them you can’t inflate that money, you can’t make more out of this Bitcoin, you Advocating for Human Rights through Bitcoin Jul 24, 2022 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa This episode is a recording of the conversation I had on the Cryptopulse podcast with Kevin and Ben from the UK. It was recorded in late June 2022. CoinDesk: Opinionated podcast Aug 18, 2021 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Anita was a guest at CoinDesk’s podcast “Opinionated” to talk about her experiences from Africa. What can Bitcoin do in a country where less than a Bitcoin Trading Volume in South Africa Is Surging Nov 5, 2020 Economics & Bitcoin in Africa & Blog This is the chart depicting the cumulative trading volume on the P2P platforms LocalBitcoins and Paxful in South Africa from 2016 to 2020. There are Bitcoin in Zimbabwe - Anita Posch on What Bitcoin Did Apr 26, 2020 Features & Zimbabwe & Bitcoin in Africa & Blog “I’m into Bitcoin because of the possibility to support human rights and support people’s lives.” — Anita Posch In this interview, Peter Bitcoin Learnings from Zimbabwe and Botswana Apr 22, 2020 Talks & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe & Blog In February 2020 I travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana to learn more about the usage of Bitcoin in Africa and to present the findings in my 6-part Bitcoin basics: How to use bitcoin? A talk by Anita Posch in Africa Feb 15, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe & Blog Bitcoin introduction: What is Bitcoin? 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