Bitcoin in Africa

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CoinDesk: Opinionated Podcast Aug 18, 2021 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Anita was a guest at CoinDesk’s podcast “Opinionated” to talk about her experiences from Africa. What can Bitcoin do in a country where less than a Bitcoin Trading Volume in South Africa Is Surging Nov 5, 2020 Economics & Bitcoin in Africa This is the chart depicting the cumulative trading volume on the P2P platforms LocalBitcoins and Paxful in South Africa from 2016 to 2020. There are Bitcoin in Zimbabwe - Anita Posch on What Bitcoin Did Apr 26, 2020 Features & Zimbabwe & Bitcoin in Africa “I’m into Bitcoin because of the possibility to support human rights and support people’s lives.” — Anita Posch In this interview, Peter Bitcoin Learnings From Zimbabwe and Botswana Apr 22, 2020 Talks & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe In February 2020 I travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana to learn more about the usage of Bitcoin in Africa and to present the findings in my 6-part Bitcoin Basics: How to Use Bitcoin? a Talk by Anita Posch in Africa Feb 15, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe Bitcoin introduction: What is Bitcoin? Use-cases for bitcoin BTC, how to prevent scams, how bitcoin works, bitcoin mining, what is a blockchain,

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