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Bitcoin Flyer Update: Moving to Phoenix Wallet for Lightning Mar 13, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn Bitcoin The updated Bitcoin for Fairness flyer! Since Blue Wallet is sunsetting its custodial Lightning wallet I included Phoenix Wallet instead. Earn Bitcoin on Stacker News: People Asked and I Answered Nov 11, 2022 Blog & Features & Earn bitcoin I was doing an Ask Me Anything session on Stacker News, a forum (like Reddit or Hacker News) where you can earn real money for creating or curating content. I was asked a lot of interesting questions and enjoyed the session very much. “In Conversation With Trevor” the First Zimbabwean Podcast to Receive Bitcoin Payments Nov 10, 2022 Blog & Podcasting 2.0 & Zimbabwe & Earn bitcoin The first Zimbabwean podcast is enabled to earn bitcoin. I integrated Trevor Ncube's "In Conversation with Trevor" with Alby and Blue Wallet for Value 4 Value podcasting. Start Using Bitcoin in 5 Minutes Oct 28, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin How to start using Bitcoin in 5 minutes. A video guide to setup the Blue Wallet on your phone (Android and iOS) and secure your private keys. Bitcoin Lecture at University of Zambia Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Earn bitcoin & Talks Anita Posch gave a Bitcoin lecture at the University of Zambia in front of 30 students. Here you can find the video and the presentation of the talk. Bitcoin Flyer Oct 1, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Earn bitcoin Released the Bitcoin flyer, a short and concise intro to using Bitcoin safely for meetups and beginners. Download, print and share it. Podcasting 2.0: How to Earn Bitcoin With Content Creation Dec 30, 2020 Podcasting 2.0 & Blog & Earn bitcoin Anita Posch presents how you can build a self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem for podcasting with bitcoin. Podcasting 2.0 is an open movement The Anita Posch Show One of the First Podcasts Enabling Streaming Money Nov 11, 2020 Podcasting 2.0 & Blog & Earn bitcoin The The Anita Posch show tribe is live. Now you can listen to my podcast episodes and at the same time send some sats. There are two ways of doing Streaming Money. in Your Podcast Player Soon. Nov 11, 2020 Podcasting 2.0 & Blog & Earn bitcoin “Listeners now have the ability to pledge streaming payments to the podcaster at rates like 100 sats/minute, and to tip for their favorite

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