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Hi, I am Anita.

I help you to understand the fundamentals of Bitcoin and how you can use it to your advantage. I am editing a weekly newsletter about the most interesting stories in Bitcoin with my comments. Here you find the latest editions. Join 800 other pioneers of change and subscribe for free now.

I am the author of (L)earn Bitcoin - Become Financially Sovryn a comprehensive and easy to read Bitcoin guide. (L)earn Bitcoin is available in English, Spanish and German.

(L)earn Bitcoin(L)earn Bitcoin

On my podcast The Anita Posch Show I have been interviewing more than one-hundred Bitcoin specialists, developers, company founders, thinkers, researchers - in short: the people who are building Bitcoin - to document what Bitcoin is and to give you the opportunity to learn from the best.

You can also listen and join my tribe on the groundbreaking streaming money app Sphinx.chat or you can stream some sats through the Breez app.

Here are some of my resources to start (l)earning Bitcoin

Why Bitcoin

Bitcoin is money from the people, for the people. Its mathematical rules can’t be corrupted - neither by governments nor by billionaires. This guarantees a level of fairness which cannot be achieved in traditional human driven systems. It gives underprivileged individuals, such as people from developing nations, women, and oppressed minority groups, the chance to participate globally in a free and private manner with each other. This freedom to exchange value, unleashing people’s creativity and innovation, is what drives me.

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