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Forum on Internet Freedom and Tv Interview Sep 28, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Preparing for the panel at the Forum on Internet Freedom and TV interview Bitcoin for Fairness on the Ground in Lusaka Sep 27, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary Day 1 in Lusaka, Zambia Bitcoin Flyer Sep 26, 2022 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Nomad Diary Released the Bitcoin flyer, a short and concise intro to using Bitcoin Sending Money From Zimbabwe to South Africa With Almost Zero Fees Sep 14, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Middle of September we did a tour from Harare to the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe. It’s interesting how my perception of Africa is changing by Insights From Exchanging Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer in Zimbabwe Sep 12, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Due to the difficult and dangerous political climate in Zimbabwe at the moment, I can’t disclose the identity of the people I’m talking with. P2p Adoption Sep 11, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary It’s Sunday and I treated myself with a massage by a therapist. A young woman, who came to our house. We spoke a little bit about life and the Money in a Bag Sep 10, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Today I want to share with you the story of a Zimbabwean friend who has been using bitcoin for the last 2 years. One of the main use-cases is Baby, I’m a Billionaire Sep 9, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary No need to wait for bitcoin to go to 10 Million anymore! I’m a Billionaire already! My Zimbabwean friend searched her archive and found 55 Billion Topping up My Phone With EcoCash Sep 8, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Today I used my Zimbabwean SIM card and added airtime to it so that I can do calls and send texts. My friend paid for my bundle with EcoCash from Finding the Best Deals in Zimbabwe Sep 7, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Yesterday I wrote about the price of toilet paper in Zimbabwe. Well, guess what? Today we saw the same toilet paper in another store for more than Shopping With Two Currencies in Zimbabwe Sep 6, 2022 Blog & Zimbabwe & Nomad Diary Greetings from day 1 in Zimbabwe, where toilet paper costs 10 USD (more than twice than in Austria) Prices are labeled in USD. Otherwise the shop

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