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Anita Posch is a strategic Bitcoin adviser, renowned educator, author, and founder of the online academy Crack the Orange as well as founder of Bitcoin for Fairness, a non-profit initiative that has a strong focus on Bitcoin adoption in the Global South through education, knowledge sharing and capacity building on the ground. 

Bitcoin for Fairness works closely with human rights organizations as Anita’s focus is on promoting Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom and inclusivity, as well as educating individuals concerned with digital privacy and self-sovereignty.

Since 2020, Anita has tirelessly traveled to difficult political climates like Zimbabwe to help educate local communities (and activists and journalists) about how to use Bitcoin. In Zambia she fostered an independent community driven entity that calls itself Bitcoin for Fairness Zambia” now and conducts workshops and meetups in Lusaka and supports new initiatives like Bitcoin Victoria Falls.

Anita founded the online academy Crack the Orange, in which she is providing training to develop Bitcoin educators and community builders in the Global South. After successful application the students are provided with a scholarship and can stay in the program for free for 12 months.

She has partnered with the Human Rights Foundation on many trainings at the Oslo Freedom Forum and at other events to teach the leaders of large grassroots organizations about best practices for Bitcoin use. Anita also regularly tests popular Bitcoin and Lightning applications in difficult environments with bad internet connectivity, and grades them, providing a valuable window into pain points for developers.

Anita has been sharing her experiences and learnings from her time in the Global South in many keynotes at conferences, interviews and podcasts to audiences in Western countries.

Sounds illogical, but by using Bitcoin you support human rights globally and help to make the world more fair. - Anita Posch

Through her book (L)earn Bitcoin, her digital learning platform Crack the Orange as well as her YouTube channel, Anita aims to inspire people worldwide, unleashing their creativity and innovation with the freedom to exchange value privately and securely. Her work with Bitcoin for Fairness has been widely recognized, and her efforts have been featured in various international Bitcoin and traditional media outlets, including Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk, What Bitcoin Did, Bayern2, Deutschlandfunk, Radio FM4, and ARD television. 

See what BFF has achieved in 2023 and in 2022.

In early 2017 she attended a talk about Bitcoin and open blockchain technology and the positive impact it could have on society. She realized that a technology which is permissionless, inflation-proof and a global internet money could free billions of people, disenfranchised by current financial power dynamics. Bitcoin is unstoppable money that can be used by anyone regardless of who they are. It’s neutral, not controlled by any company or government, while at the same time being an internet protocol, financial rails that is built for a common good.

Bitcoin might be our only tool to secure the human right to privacy and freedom of transaction. It’s a medium of liberation for billions of people and a defense mechanism for privacy in our ever more digital lives. — Anita Posch

Bitcoin is money from the people, for the people. Its mathematical rules can’t be corrupted - neither by governments nor by billionaires. This guarantees a level of fairness which cannot be achieved in traditional human driven systems. It gives underprivileged individuals, such as people from developing nations, women, and oppressed minority groups, the chance to participate globally in a free and private manner with each other. This freedom to exchange value, unleashing people’s creativity and innovation, is what drives Anita Posch.

Anita Posch posts on Nostr and Twitter regularly.

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