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Anita Posch is author of the book (L)earn Bitcoin (will be published in July 2021), host of the Anita Posch show and Bitcoin advocate and solopreneur. She is a member of the board at Bitcoin Austria - an educational non-profit organization. 

Anita translated two volumes of The Internet of Money by Andreas M. Antonopoulos to German. Her research and activities around Bitcoin are discussed in media all over the world: Bitcoin Magazine, CoinDesk, Bayern2, Deutschlandfunk, Radio FM4, and ARD television amongst others.

Bitcoin might be our only tool to secure the human right to privacy and freedom of transaction. It’s a medium of liberation for billions of people and a defense mechanism for privacy in our ever more digital lives. — Anita Posch

In her podcast she discusses use-cases and the ideas behind Bitcoin with industry leaders and people with interest in Open Blockchain technology. The main topics are about Bitcoin in the context of financial inclusion, human rights, and privacy.

Her guests include Andreas M. Antonopoulos (World-renowned Bitcoin educator, author and speaker), Adam Back (CEO Blockstream and cited in the Bitcoin and Tor whitepaper), Tuur Demeester, Jameson Lopp (CTO Casa), Alena Vranova (former TREZOR and CASA), Caitlin Long (Founder/CEO AvantiBT, Wyoming Blockchain Committee), Dan Held (Growth Kraken), Elena Tonoyan (COO LocalBitcoins), Ray Youssef (CEO and Founder of Paxful), Nic Carter (Coin Metrics) and many more.

Anita Posch has a strong background in web development, e-commerce, and online business. In 1999 she started her entrepreneurial career as a web designer and co-founded an online platform for office sharing in 2006. In 2009 she launched an online marketplace for handmade goods in Austria. Both platforms were sold in 2012. After working on e-commerce projects with motorcycle manufacturer KTM and wholesaler Windhager, she started her Bitcoin advocacy and educational work in 2017.

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