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Bringing Bitcoin to Billions via the Lightning Network Nov 23, 2021 Features & Blog Bitcoin Is Emancipation From Financial Patriarchy Nov 12, 2021 Features & Blog CoinDesk: Opinionated Podcast Aug 18, 2021 Features & Blog & Bitcoin in Africa Anita was a guest at CoinDesk’s podcast “Opinionated” to talk about her experiences from Africa. What can Bitcoin do in a country where less than a Fm4 Radio: Crypto Art - What Is an NFT? Mar 5, 2021 Features At the moment I see a hype in the crypto space around NFTs, similar to the ICO hype of 2017. Although many people dismiss NFTs I think they do have Anita Posch About Podcasting 2.0 on the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast Feb 26, 2021 Podcasting & Features This week on the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with long-time Bitcoin podcaster and advocate Anita Posch. Posch is the Financial Inclusion and Democratizing Money - Beyond the Chain Nov 30, 2020 Features Anita Posch discussing why Bitcoin is democratizing money on Nash podcast. Why financial inclusion is a thing Excluded groups What are the Major European Stock Exchange Lists First Bitcoin Product Sep 20, 2020 Features Wiener Börse clients can now get exposure to crypto from a regulated trading platform without having to actually buy the cryptocurrency on their Appearance on Seth Godin’s Akimbo Podcast Talking Bitcoin Aug 3, 2020 Features test description Bitcoin in Zimbabwe - Anita Posch on What Bitcoin Did Apr 26, 2020 Features & Zimbabwe & Bitcoin in Africa “I’m into Bitcoin because of the possibility to support human rights and support people’s lives.” — Anita Posch In this interview, Peter This Week in Bitcoin- 4-10-2020- Dollar Supremacy, Inflation, CoinMarketCap, Halving, Belarus, Zimbabwe Apr 22, 2020 Features & Zimbabwe Been a guest at Adam Meister, the Bitcoin Meisters Youtube show. We were talking about: Bitcoin stories from all over the world! Anita tells us In Zimbabwe, Crypto Is a ‘Liberation Tool’ Mar 21, 2020 Features After three weeks of listening, recording and talking Bitcoin in Africa, podcaster Anita Posch shares her experiences in part one of this new Anita Posch on “The Tatiana Show” Oct 16, 2019 Features I was a invited as an interview partner by singer, songwriter and longtime Blockchain enthusiast Tatiana Moroz. She started her show back in 2015 CoinDesk: They Biked, Ran and Swam Over 200 Miles Across Europe - All for Bitcoin Aug 29, 2019 Features A group of bitcoin enthusiasts just ran, biked and swam across Europe, all to promote the cryptocurrency they believe is leaving a powerful, Bitcoin Magazine: Satoshi Freeathlon Raises Awareness Through Sport Aug 22, 2019 Features An upcoming four-day triathlon from Switzerland to Germany is meant to raise awareness around the power of permissionless money. Full article

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