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Bitcoin, Das Geld Der Menschen Jan 16, 2023 Talks & Blog & Deutsch & Features In diesem Vortrag erfährst du, warum Bitcoin für 54% der Weltbevölkerung besonders wichtig ist und welche Probleme es löst. Bitcoin Workshop for Journalists in Zambia Oct 10, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Nomad Diary & Talks My Bitcoin for Fairness team in Zambia and I conducted a workshop for journalists to educate the educators. They learned how to send and receive bitcoin and we emphasized the importance of Bitcoin as a neutral, inclusive and permissionless money for the Internet. Bitcoin Lecture at University of Zambia Oct 3, 2022 Blog & Zambia & Earn bitcoin & Talks Anita Posch gave a Bitcoin lecture at the University of Zambia in front of 30 students. Here you can find the video and the presentation of the talk. Bitcoin Is the Embodiment of Human Rights - Talk Sep 3, 2022 Talks & Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Features Bitcoin brings economic empowerment for billions of people worldwide who have been excluded from the current monetary system by global Why Invest in the Future of Money With Bitcoin Jun 23, 2020 Learn Bitcoin & Talks & Blog It was great to be able to talk at the Lesbians Who Tech Virtual Pride Summit in 2020. Video should be available soon Bitcoin Learnings From Zimbabwe and Botswana Apr 22, 2020 Talks & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe & Blog In February 2020 I travelled to Zimbabwe and Botswana to learn more about the usage of Bitcoin in Africa and to present the findings in my 6-part Presenting “2019 a Year in Review” at Bitcoin Austria 73rd Meetup Jan 3, 2020 Talks & Learn Bitcoin & Blog On Jan 3rd, 2020 I was presenting “2019 A year in review” at the 73rd Bitcoin Austria Meetup in Vienna. With charts and the most interesting

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