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Upgrade Your Existing Phoenix Wallet for Splicing Feb 15, 2024 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Lightning & Wallets How to upgrade my Phoenix Wallet to activate splicing, the automatic channel management. Lightning Wallets: Self-Custody Despite Poor Network Connection - Best Apps Tested in Zimbabwe 2024 Jan 26, 2024 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Lightning & Wallets & Liquid & E-Cash & Bitcoin in Africa Testing self-custodial Lightning wallets with results on their payment reliability, speed, user-friendliness, fees and security features. A Non-Technical Explainer of Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, and E-Cash Jan 26, 2024 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Lightning & Wallets & Liquid & E-Cash Understand the differences between and use cases of Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid, and E-Cash in this non-technical explainer. Lightning Self-Custody for Beginners With Phoenix Wallet Jan 17, 2024 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Lightning & Wallets Learn how to set up and use the Phoenix Wallet, a self-custody Lightning wallet and node that runs on your phone. Understanding the Different Bitcoin Address Formats Dec 11, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Wallets What are the different Bitcoin address formats from Legacy to SegWit to Bech32 bc1q and Taproot bc1p with their impact on efficiency and privacy. Unlock the Power of Self-Custody: Green Wallet Tutorial Nov 30, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Wallets How to create and use the Green Wallet, a self-custody Bitcoin and Liquid wallet with advanced security features like 2FA, which makes spending your money without your consent impossible. Bitcoin Transaction Is Unconfirmed and Pending - How to Speed It Up Mar 27, 2023 Blog & Learn Bitcoin & Wallets In times of congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain, your transactions might get stuck and need days to confirm. Here's what you can do about it. Review: The Best Lightning Wallets for Slow Internet 2023 Feb 23, 2023 Blog & Lightning & Bitcoin in Africa & Wallets Why I'm opting for self-custodial Lightning wallets even in areas with low Internet speed. See my test results from a rural area in Zimbabwe.

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