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Podcast: Spending Bitcoin Is Important with Carel van Wyk Apr 2, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin I interviewed Carel van Wyk about why spending Bitcon is important in many African countries and how he implemented Bitcoin Lightning payments at PicknPay, South Africa’s largest retailer. Podcast: Bitcoin Empowers Zambia and Zimbabwe Mar 19, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin In this interview I examined Bitcoin's role in financial freedom, shared impact stories, and analyzed Bitcoin's global use and perception differences. Podcast: Financial Empowerment Mar 5, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin Why is Bitcoin different than any other cryptocurrency? Hear me sharing my journey to becoming a Bitcoin advocate, focusing on the importance of financial empowerment in African countries and the goals of Bitcoin for Fairness. Podcast: On the Access Tribe Podcast Feb 21, 2024 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Learn Bitcoin In this interview, I talk about my Bitcoin journey, my work in the Global South, my book, and membership platform. Bitcoin For Fairness Review 2023 Dec 26, 2023 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Show A review of what Bitcoin For Fairness and Anita Posch achieved for Bitcoin adoption in 2023 Podcast: How Bitcoin Safeguarded Elections in Guatemala Oct 28, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights How did Bitcoin’s blockchain safeguard recent elections in Guatemala? Podcast: Original Bitcoin Island Bali Sep 3, 2023 Blog & Show How did Bali become the original Bitcoin Island, how is Bitcoin adoption in Indonesia and what to expect at the Indonesia Bitcoin Conference? Podcast: The Humanitarian Case for Bitcoin, Pt. 2 Mar 26, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights My second 10 minutes of arguments why Bitcoin is important for the world and especially for the Global South. Podcast: The Humanitarian Case for Bitcoin, Pt. 1 Mar 2, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights 10 minutes of arguments why Bitcoin is important for the world and especially for the Global South. Why I’m not podcasting and are you a cracker? Feb 16, 2023 Blog & Show You might wonder why I haven't produced a podcast episode in recent weeks, even if you're not, here's a short update from me. Podcast: How Bitcoin Solves Financial Apartheid Jan 12, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights I’m joined by Ray Youssef, the CEO of Paxful, the peer-to-peer exchange which recently removed Ethereum from their platform and he is the co-founder of Built with Bitcoin. We’re talking about building local communities, how to foster sustainable education, how the lives of people have been changed to the better and about the role Bitcoin is playing. Podcast: 2022 - A Year In Grassroots Bitcoin Adoption For Africa Dec 28, 2022 Blog & Bitcoin in Africa & Show This is a review of my work with Bitcoin for Fairness and what we have achieved in 2022. The goal was to spread education on the ground, foster local communities to start their own meetups, distribute infrastructure and drive connections between African communities and the so-called Western world. Podcast: Mining Bitcoin With Solar in Zimbabwe Dec 22, 2022 Blog & Show & Zimbabwe & Mining In this episode I'm talking with a Zimbabwean farmer, who's using solar power to mine bitcoin. This conversation was recorded in June 2022 and I think it's still the only mining operation in the country. Podcast: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights Dec 4, 2022 Blog & Show & Human Rights This is the audio version of my article "Opposing The Corruptible Fiat System, Bitcoin Enforces Universal Human Rights". It's also the first episode on a new podcasting platform which allows me to add images and links to the episode, which you can see in your podcast player. Podcast: Introducing Bitcoin to Zimbabwe Nov 10, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe Today's podcast episode is a recording of my appearance on Trevor Ncubes show "In Conversation with Trevor". It's a general conversation about how Bitcoin could help solve the problems of Zimbabweans, who have been riddled by inflation for decades. Podcast: Using Bitcoin In Zambia Oct 27, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa & Zambia My new podcast episode with Mr. Mulos, who recently opened the first Bitcoin kiosk in Lusaka. We talk about scams and why people fall for them. Podcast: Insights from an African Bitcoin Enthusiast Oct 13, 2022 Blog & Show & Bitcoin in Africa New podcast episode 163: Interview with a Bitcoin enthusiast from Africa. Lots of insights on trading volume, regulation, use-cases and the answer to do people use Bitcoin or stablecoins? Podcast: Jörg Platzer Insights of the World’s First Bitcoin Merchant Oct 21, 2021 Blog & Show Meet Jörg Platzer, co-founder of Room77 in Berlin, the very first bar in the world to accept bitcoin for beer and burgers in 2011. Bitcoiners from around the world met in the Room, and their discussions sparked dozens of projects and ideas. Podcast: Ray Youssef Bringing Bitcoin Into Africa With Gift Cards Is Solving Real Problems May 21, 2020 Blog & Show I talk with Ray Youssef, Co-Founder and CEO of Paxful, a peer-to-peer marketplace for money transfers serving about 4 million people in every country of the world.

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