Human Rights

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Bitcoin and Human Rights Article Goes International Jan 26, 2023 Blog & Human Rights My article about how Bitcoin enforces human rights has been translated to German and Italian. Podcast: How Bitcoin Solves Financial Apartheid Jan 12, 2023 Blog & Show & Human Rights I’m joined by Ray Youssef, the CEO of Paxful, the peer-to-peer exchange which recently removed Ethereum from their platform and he is the co-founder of Built with Bitcoin. We’re talking about building local communities, how to foster sustainable education, how the lives of people have been changed to the better and about the role Bitcoin is playing. Video Documentary: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights Dec 16, 2022 Blog & Features & Human Rights Video documentary: Opposing the corruptible fiat system, Bitcoin enforces Universal Human Rights as laid out by the United Nations. By using Bitcoin you’re supporting freedom fighters globally and helping make the world more inclusive. Podcast: How Bitcoin Enforces Human Rights Dec 4, 2022 Blog & Show & Human Rights This is the audio version of my article "Opposing The Corruptible Fiat System, Bitcoin Enforces Universal Human Rights". It's also the first episode on a new podcasting platform which allows me to add images and links to the episode, which you can see in your podcast player.

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