It’s Sunday and I treated myself with a massage by a therapist. A young woman, who came to our house. We spoke a little bit about life and the hardships of Zimbabwe and when I told her that I’m a Bitcoin educator, she sounded interested to learn more.

While I was talking about the advantages of using bitcoin she asked if she needs to bring friends and how she can join Bitcoin. I told her that people who require to bring friends or pay for a starter package are scammers.

We talked about the price of bitcoin, how it is derived from supply and demand and how it is changing over time. After a chat about the banking situation in Zimbabwe she asked which wallet she should install. I explained the differences between Bitcoin and Lightning and she installed Wallet of Satoshi for fast micropayments and Blue Wallet for on-chain savings. I tipped her lightning and bitcoin to see how it works.

After finishing the massage she wanted the payment in USD, which I understand, because it’s the currency that she can use daily. She said, she will use Bitcoin as a savings tool, because she was very fast in understanding that with the price at 20k and not 60k is a good time to start.

You like my work and efforts with Bitcoin for Fairness to foster Bitcoin adoption on the ground in the Global South? It’s all community powered and funded by donations. Feel free to support our campaign with a donation, send sats to our lightning address or send fiat money on Patreon.

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