Introducing the Anita Posch AI Bot: Your Personal Bitcoin Educator

I think it is important to stay ahead with technological developments, that is why I’m excited to announce the launch of the Anita Posch AI Bot,” a GPT-3.5 model designed to be your personal guide in the world of Bitcoin. As a Bitcoin educator, I’ve always been passionate about making the complex world of Bitcoin accessible and understandable for everyone. Now, with the help of AI technology, this has become more achievable than ever. Visit bitcoin-ai.me/anitaposch to try it out!

Be aware: the results of the bot are EXPERIMENTAL! Some answers are really great, some are only half correct.

What is the Anita Posch AI Bot?

The Anita Posch AI Bot is a specialized chatbot that uses content and information exclusively from my channels and publications. This includes my book (L)earn Bitcoin, insights from my articles, the Bitcoin For Fairness initiative, repositories on GitHub, and transcripts from my videos on my YouTube channel. By consolidating these resources, the AI Bot offers a comprehensive and authentic Anita Posch experience. Basically, it’s AI powered Bitcoin know-how from me.

I want to thank f418.me for providing the technical infrastructure and the setup.

How Does it Work?

It’s very easy to use.

  1. Ask your question: Type in any Bitcoin-related question in the respective field.
  2. Get AI-powered answers: the AI Bot processes your question and searches through the extensive database of my Bitcoin-related content to respond with accurate, easy-to-understand answers.
  3. Check the sources: Below the AI generated answers, you will find links to my resources to check and verify sources.

Please provide feedback, if you encounter incorrect answers. This is an experimental feature.

Anita Posch Bitcoin AIAnita Posch Bitcoin AI

Why Use the Anita Posch AI Bot?

  • Expert Knowledge: Get answers that are based on my years of experience and involvement in the Bitcoin community.
  • High Convenience: Access information anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Anita Posch AI Bot is here to assist you 24/7.
  • Personalized learning: The AI bot allows you to explore the Bitcoin world in your own individual way based on your current questions and interests, completely free from a set curriculum.
  • Extremely Fast: The AI Bot makes complex Bitcoin concepts accessible to everyone within seconds.

Ask Your Bitcoin Questions Now

Visit bitcoin-ai.me/anitaposch to try it out! I’m curious how you like it. Feel free to tag me on Twitter @AnitaPosch to share your experience! This is your opportunity to learn from a dedicated Bitcoin expert, anytime and anywhere, through the power of AI.

Do you want to learn more about Bitcoin?

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  • Read my book (L)EARN BITCOIN
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