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Thought of the Week by Anita Posch

The fools who bought Bitcoin in December 2017 and did not sell, are winners now. Hold it, learn more about it, and use it.

New to Bitcoin? How to Install a Bitcoin Wallet on Your Phone

If you are new to Bitcoin and want to give it a try, you will need a secure Bitcoin wallet. In this tutorial, I show how to set up the Blockstream Green wallet:

Quote of the Week

“Ask not what bitcoin can do for you, but what you can do for bitcoin.” - Adam Back

Top Stories

Ledger Hack: Now the First Extortion Emails Appeared

Yesterday a friend of mine received an extortion mail containing his address and a threat to contact “local bad guys” and tell them that my friend “holds a lot of crypto”. They demand BTC or ETH as extortion. The identical email has been sent to several people, showing that is a mass-email, not directly targeted at single people. I did not receive an email like this yet, maybe because I delete Ledger emails immediately. I think there is no need to be too concerned but prepare and secure your house. If you buy another hardware wallet or Bitcoin product online, be sure to use a post box, a burner email, and a burner phone. I would try to not even use your real name. Be careful.

People Moving From WhatsApp to Signal

I have been using Signal Messenger for privacy reasons for years. Most of my friends did not want to move from WhatsApp to Signal until this week when WhatsApp announced that it will share data with Facebook. I told everyone that I will delete my WhatsApp account (do that before you delete the app) and removed the app from my phone. David Heinemeier Hansson co-founder of Basecamp argued that authorities will start to counter Signal’s rise. This is exactly what is happening with Bitcoin too.

Reminder: Only Digital Media That Is Open and Self-Hosted Is Yours

E-Mail, newsletter, websites, and podcasts are the last pillars of digital independence. Combine that with Bitcoin and you can see the potential of re-building the internet to an open place for all. Instead of huge monopolistic companies that decide our fate.

I Was a Guest at the Sunny Ray Show

It was fun talking with Sunny about my personal Bitcoin story. How I found out about Bitcoin, why I am sensitive to power and authorities, and why I was immediately fascinated by the possibilities.

Podcast of the Week Audio Only

Derek Muhney: The Business of Bitcoin ATMs


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