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Square’s Bitcoin Mining Mythology Sometimes I wonder, if the work I do is longer needed. When I started in the space in 2017/18 most educational content was done by podcasters, enthusiasts and advocates. Now that more and more companies come into the space and exchanges are maturing, they also produce great content. Square has published a Bitcoin Mythology - this time about mining.

Interview with Climate Change Scientist Abe Cambridge

Abe Cambridge is the founder and CEO of The Sun Exchange, the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. He has some mind-boggling ideas how the transition from fossil fuels towards solar power can work out and also how the Bitcoin network could be powered by solar. And how we could use bitcoin to finance solar-energy: You can buy a solar-panel for as little as 5 USD. Sun Exchange is opening access to solar for anyone and you can earn bitcoin in return. I put my money where my mouth is.

Quote of the Week

Sun Exchange allows micro ownership of the solar panels. And there were children in the Stellenbosch Waldorf school who were purchased solar panels by their parents. And they’re earning Bitcoin once per month from them. So you’ve got kids who are growing up, earning Bitcoin, powering their own school and know that solar energy works.” — Abe Cambridge

And with this I close my current content focus on the subject of Bitcoin is boiling the oceans”:

It goes to see, if this topic will pop-up in the coming years. I guess it will. Although I haven’t heard many comparisons with the tulip bubble recently. Might be because, the big players are coming in.

No, just because the price of bitcoin is 60k you haven’t missed the bus!

You can still front-run the financial institutions and banks, the people who are responsible for the greatest financial crisis in 2008! They are buying into Bitcoin, which is thought to be an alternative to the current system. Do it, before they do it and start educating yourself about self-custody.

I’m writing my book on this topic at the moment. It will be called (L)earn Bitcoin. I want to publish it in April. If you feel you can contribute, through proof-reading, adding information, or something else please reply.

Meme of the Week

Credits: https://twitter.com/RD_btc

CBDC will give full control to central banks

In case you wonder what Central Bank Digital Currencies are about, and think that they might be a good thing, I urge you to listen to the General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements, which is owned by central banks. He is literally saying that it will give them full control over, who is using a 100 dollar bill. CBDCs will give central banks the power to enforce negative interest, automatically deduct taxes and surveillance over every day purchases. This is madness. This massive control is taking away our privacy. Bitcoin is through it’s uncensorability and coming privacy improvements our only chance for financial freedom.

Security: Don’t use text/SMS for 2FA

SIM jacking attacks are easy and happen rather often in the crypto space. Now there are even services that allow attackers to send messages from your number. Use Google Authenticator instead.

Giveaway scams - be aware and warn your friends

As in every bull market a growing number of scammers is successfully ripping of people. Very often through giveaway scams. Don’t fall for that, if it sounds to good to be true, it is to good to be true. Nobody is giving away money.

Source: @BitcoinMemeHub

Price predictions are silly…but…

…through the transparency of Bitcoin it is possible to analyse data and trends very easily. This chart shows Coin Days Destroyed”. Coin Days are the period how long coins have not been moved. As you can see, the red bars indicate that people sold their coins to make profit and now the bar is blue, indicating that people are holding again. Which can be a sign for the price going up.

With this outlook and some content recommendations I wish you a happy weekend! Next weeks guest is Edan Yago of Sovryn, a DeFi platform on top of Bitcoin.

Podcast of the week audio only

Abe Cambridge: Invest in Solar Powered Bitcoin


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