Anita’s Weekly #4: Nov 27th, 2020

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Thought of the Week by Anita Posch

In the last two weeks, the bitcoin price took off. I felt that this was going too fast. After almost reaching the ATH from December 2017, bitcoin’s price plunged from 19,000 USD back to 16,500. Many people ask why that happened. There are many explanations. But in the end, it is always the same. If the price skyrockets in a short period of time, it will always fall back. Time to breathe again, educate yourself on Bitcoin, and buy the dip.

Top Stories

Why Bitcoin now? Differences to 2017

“This is the chance for the greatest wealth transfer the world has seen. I hope less privileged individuals will take their share of bitcoin now. 2021 is going to be a wild ride.” – Anita Posch

Quote of the Week

“You can’t put the bitcoin cat back in the bag.” – Sean Ono Lennon


The son of John Lennon has been a Bitcoiner since 2011.
Orange Pill [OP15] – Bathing in Alien Technology with Sean Lennon

First time you can watch my podcast interview of the week too:

Podcast audio only

Roselyne Wanjiru: Bitcoin in Kenya

Bitcoin price

$ 16,908.96 | € 14,176.41

No financial advice. DYOR.

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