Bitcoin Meetup in Zambia

We met at Scallywags a cafe that is accepting Bitcoin. After a brief introduction every attendant shared why they are interested in Bitcoin and what their professional background is. Then we discussed the importance of self-custody versus leaving your bitcoin on exchanges. I spoke about the possibilities to earn bitcoin (as mentioned in my Unza presentation) and then we tried several services to buy bitcoin and to spend it for airtime.

We demonstrated how

  • to buy bitcoin with kwacha via azte.co
  • to buy airtime for MTN, Airtel or Zamtel with bitcoin via Bitrefill
  • to use Machankura8333 to send and receive Lightning Bitcoin via feature phone (USSD code)
  • to send Lightning Bitcoin from Machankura8333 to a Lightning address
  • to setup and use a Lightning address

You like my work and efforts with Bitcoin for Fairness to foster Bitcoin adoption on the ground in the Global South? It’s all community powered and funded by donations. Feel free to support our campaign with a donation, send sats to our lightning address or send fiat money on Patreon.

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