AQUA Wallet Explained: Is It Right For You?

Explore the AQUA Wallet with me — a self-custodial wallet that handles Bitcoin, Lightning, and USDT and other assets on Liquid. Started at Blockstream and now released by JAN3, AQUA is a considerable option for those who use USDT, especially in places with volatile national currencies like Zimbabwe. Learn about AQUAs features, how it manages transactions, and how it compares to other wallets.

What Is AQUA?

AQUA was originally developed by Blockstream and transitioned to JAN3, a company founded by Samson Mow, a former Blockstream executive. It was launched on a date that resonates deeply within the Bitcoin community: January 3rd, 2024, coinciding with Bitcoin’s 15th birthday.

Exploring AQUAs Key Features

  • Multi-Asset Wallet: Additional to bitcoin, AQUA also supports Lightning, handles Liquid assets, and USDt. (Learn more about the differences in this non-technical explainer
  • Useful For Users in the Global South: Particularly in regions like Zimbabwe or Argentina, where stablecoins like USDT are preferred by many due to their stability compared to local currencies, AQUA presents a promising solution for managing different digital assets in a single wallet.
  • Integrated Swapping Feature: AQUA introduces an effortless swapping feature, allowing users to seamlessly exchange between bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid and USDt. This built-in functionality is made possible through the integration of boltz.exchange and simplifies the process of managing different asset types.


While AQUA offers convenience through its multi-asset support and swapping features, one must consider the balance between transaction costs and functionality. If you already have existing Lightning channels in other wallets, using those might be cheaper. AQUA is not a Lightning node like Phoenix, Zeus, Green, or Mutiny.

Is It The Right Wallet For You?

Choosing AQUA depends on your goals and needs. If you use value as an asset management tool with integrated swapping, AQUA could be your match. However, for those focused on Lightning transactions, evaluating other wallets might be beneficial, especially in terms of costs. Watch the video to get more insights and be able to make an informed decision.

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