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My Talk at the #rC3 Chaos Communication Congress About Podcasting 2.0

What is Podcasting 2.0? It is ground breaking new technology for content creation. I show, how we can build a self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem for podcasting and other forms of independent content creation with bitcoin.

Thought of the Week by Anita Posch

2020 has been a rough year for all of us. The only thing that has been running unimpressed by the crisis is Bitcoin. It is following its distribution path exactly as planned with halvings every 210,000 blocks. If only we could stick to our plans to reach our goals as focused as Bitcoin does. But we are not machines and its quite natural that we are anxious in uncertainty. I think people who can deal with uncertainty and anxiety are having the best chances to fulfill their dreams. And to hodl bitcoin through bear markets. Because it is easy to be in favor of Bitcoin in a bull market. 2021 is going to be c-r-a-z-y!

Quote of the Week

“If you see too much drama happening around the price, switch your focus. It always works for me. Go back into the technology. Focus on education. There’s billionaires on Twitter and on TV going: blahblah blahblah blah. Turn them off.” — Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Price Predictions

Regarding price action, I am on the same page as Andreas. I am more interested in what Bitcoin can do for society, freedom of transaction and in its technology. Not saying, that I am unhappy, if bitcoin‘s price is rising. But I do not do price predictions and weekly chart analysis or trading. I think that‘s gambling or in the best case like predicting the weather 14 days ahead. Trololo chart
But, this chart is incredible. It‘s done by Trololo“ dating back to 14 Oct 2014. Trololo predicted a price of $10,000 in Nov 2017 and for summer 2021 a price of $100,000. I will leave it up to you, what you are making of it. For me, looking at the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem and the interest of institutions there is no way back. But we will never know. Just think about the proposed FinCEN regulations that want to control the cryptocurrency space more and more. There is still the chance that single countries will ban bitcoin or at least they will make it more difficult to use it. Then we will see, what bitcoin is worth. Still, the chart is impressive.

FinCEN Expanding Aml Regulation to Non-Custodial Wallets

You can write and send a comment even as a non-US citizen:

Privacy Improvements Are Coming With Taproot

Taproot activation will bring a lot of improvements on the privacy side of Bitcoin. Making it much harder to find out who the sender and receiver of transactions are. Over 90% of all mining pools are in favor of activating Taproot in 2021. I have talked with Andreas M. Antonopoulos about Taproot in my current interview with him.

A Recap of Macro-Economical Bitcoin Stories in 2020

Podcast of the Week Audio Only

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Bitcoin Outlook 2021


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