The Ledger Hack Ii

the Ledger Hack

This week’s big story was the Ledger hack. Someone put the full database of the breached data from Ledger’s marketing database online. Ledger admitted a hack earlier in July. Back then they were talking about 9,500 leaked data sets. As it turned out this week, more than 270,000 customer data sets were leaked. In many cases people’s home addresses are public now. The leak was possible, because Ledger had an unsecured API in their e-commerce setup between the shop and their marketing database. On this website you can search if you’ve been affected by the ledger hack: https://intelx.io/

Most important: your Ledger device is still secure! You can go on using it. But beware of phishing attacks and set-up security measures.

Here you can look up phishing attempts and how you can protect yourself.

Here is a comprehensive video series about the Ledger hack and what you can do, if you are affected.

Thought of the Week by Anita Posch

Never compromise on your security! Use burner e-mail addresses, post boxes and fantasy phone numbers, if you order a hardware wallet. If you are a regular person holding bitcoin, don’t brag about it. Neither online, nor offline.

Quote of the Week

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” - Buckminster Fuller

Top Stories

Growth of the Lightning Network in 2020 Ryan Gentry is summarizing the developments in the Lightning Network space. My interview with Ryan, head of business development and Desiree Dickerson, VP of Operations at Lightning Labs will go out on Jan 7.

Public routing nodes on LightningPublic routing nodes on Lightning

Access to Bitcoin infrastructure is underrated Bitcoin is a global telecommunications platform and its future importance is highly underrated. Mining keeps Bitcoin secure. Meltem Demirors is predicting that companies with access to Bitcoin mining, electricity and infrastructure will be replacing today’s biggest companies.

Want to earn bitcoin as an employee? I found a service that is enabling you to earn your wage in bitcoin, it’s called Bitwage

Podcast of the Week Audio Only

Chris Tramount: Bitcoin Art, A New Renaissance

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