The Ledger Hack I

Thought of the Week by Anita Posch

Be aware: the Ledger hardware wallet phishing scam is still going on. Some months ago the marketing database of the company’s headquarter has been leaked. Customer names, telephone numbers, e-mail and physical delivery addresses were stolen! Since then Ledger hardware wallet users are receiving e-mails and texts pretending that their devices are unsafe and that they should enter the seed (password for bitcoin) on a website or on their hardware wallet.

NEVER, NEVER do this! If you are unsure, ask me first! Physical delivery addresses: this is horrific. Basically the scammers know where Ledger users live. So, in the future, if you buy a hardware wallet - ALWAYS - let it be delivered to a post office box or a company address, enter a fantasy telephone number and use an e-mail address that hides your name and only use it for the specific purpose of buying the hardware wallet. If it gets leaked, you then know who leaked your address and that the message is a phishing attempt. And a last advice: despite these adversities it is still more secure to buy your hardware wallet directly from the manufacturer than from an intermediary.

Here is an important explainer on security by Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Top Stories

Bitcoin from being used by a handful of geeks to a reasonable article in the Financial Times in eleven years: Will bitcoin end the dollar’s reign?

There is a persistent misconception about mining pools having the possibility to change the Bitcoin software unilaterally. True is, that everyone in the Bitcoin network is part of consensus. Node operators (I run a full node on a Rasperry Pi, you can run a full node on your computer), wallet users, exchanges, and investors.

China’s surveillance and social credit system using financial transactions to track and punish people.

An initiative to keep blockchain patents from being taken over by money hungry corporations and open for everyone.

Quote of the Week

“[During the protests] We had previously spoken about how Bitcoin is good because your government may shut your bank account down but it was all sort of theoretical but in the last month we were actually living through this. All this stuff we have been saying is actually true and we should be putting a lot of our money or at least enough where you can survive and control it.” — Ire Aderinokun


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Nicolas Dorier: Be Your Own Bank with BTCPay

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