Not having Bitcoin would be the net waste

Thought of the week by Anita Posch

I don’t know, who it was, but somebody said to me in the last bear market, that the mainstream interest in Bitcoin will come back, when it reaches 50,000 USD. And this person was right. This week alone I had 4 interview requests, interestingly all in German, and I appeared on one of the biggest TV stations in Germany to talk about Bitcoin. You’ll find the interview at the bottom of this mail.

100 podcast episodes :-)

When I started podcasting in August 2018 I was lucky to start with guests like Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Aaron van Wirdum, Adam Back, Caitlin Long and many more. My first episode had 56 downloads, which grew continuously to ~ 4,000 per episode. Thank you for listening and your interest in my work. Please share it with your friends, the more Bitcoiners the better. Now onwards to 1,000 episodes (yeah, we will see ;-)

Quote of the Week

It’s the same situation as gold and gold mining. The marginal cost of gold mining tends to stay near the price of gold. Gold mining is a waste, but that waste is far less than the utility of having gold available as a medium of exchange.

I think the case will be the same for Bitcoin. The utility of the exchanges made possible by Bitcoin will far exceed the cost of electricity used. Therefore, not having Bitcoin would be the net waste. - Satoshi Nakamoto

Top Stories

Blockstream satellites broadcasting Bitcoin blocks, Lightning Network data and Bitcoin Core software

Imagine you are living in a region with bad internet connection or want to protect yourself from reception outages. Here come the Blockstream satellites that are broadcasting every block and transaction through satellites to earth. All you need is a standard satellite dish and you can set up your own bitcoin receiver” independent from your ISP provider. Now they added support for the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin Core software. Sending money through space - magic!

Michael Saylor throwing another 900 billion into Bitcoin

This guy is really pushing Bitcoin to the next level. Michael Saylor did a workshop for CEOs and corporations where he introduced them to Bitcoin and explained all his reasons and strategies why and how MicroStrategy invested in Bitcoin. Seems many of his participants can’t buy bitcoin themselves due to regulatory reasons. Now Michael Saylor offers them to buy shares of the company MicroStrategy, so that they can get exposure to Bitcoin. 900 million USD into a market that has a size of 980 billion. What do you make of that? I would say: front-run the companies and institutional investors. I want people to have the power over their private keys. (Not financial advice)

Bitcoin Twitter Memes

Bitcoin culture is driven by memes. Some of them I find entertaining. Newest: Michael Saylor changed his profile pic to have laser eyes. The meme is #LaserRayUntil100K
And the hashtag #IchBinBitcoiner made it to nr 1 in Germany and Austria.

Now something serious again

The World Economic Forum posted a survey about crypto useage (interestingly enough that the WEF did that). Nigeria leading the pack. Since the ban for banks to accept cryptocurrencies went into effect the price of bitcoin reached an all time high in Nigeria. Bans can’t stop bitcoin.

Podcast of the week audio only

Tagespräch vom BR und ARD-Alpha: Wagen Sie sich an Kryptowährungen mit mir als Expertin


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