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Integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change - is a virtue not every person has. Even more, if you are in a position of power, everybody can be tempted to do what is in his or her favor and not in the favor of society or the well-being of others. Bitcoin does not need human integrity. It’s properties are written in code and through its decentralized consensus it can not be manipulated without very, very high costs. The more people hold their own keys, the more the cost of attacking Bitcoin is rising making it the most secure network there is.

From Occupy Wall Street” To Leave Wall Street” - What Happened With Gme Stocks?

On Sept. 19, 2020, a Redditor with the handle Player896 published a post in the channel entitled Bankrupting Institutional Investors For Dummies, ft GameStop.” In it, the person outlined a strong bullish case for GameStop (GME), a brick-and-mortar business that primarily sells video games and consoles. The author noted that GameStop stock was being heavily sold short at the time by a number of institutional investors, despite the fact their books are rock-solid”. This was likely an attempt by large players to out-muscle amateur traders and induce panic selling. The WallStreetBets Reddit community saw this as an opportunity to push back against the financial elite and decided to whip up a buying frenzy in the hopes of creating a major short squeeze.” (Source)

The WallStreetBets’ call was successful. The price of GME stocks skyrocketed over 1,800% from $19.79 to a high of $380 in nine days causing huge losses for large players and hedge funds (which btw also are investors in Robinhood, where most of the GME trading happened). Yesterday Robinhood and other trading platforms halted GME trading and as it seems even started to sell retail investors GME shares without the investors consent to protect brokers and funds. Here is the chairman of Interactive Brokers explaining that they halted buying of GME stocks to protect themselves.

What can we learn from that? This can happen on every centralized trading app or centralized Bitcoin exchange. When Robinhood can halt and even sell your stocks, exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp and whatever their names are can do the same. They might be forced by authorities to do the same for the sake of protecting the big players. This is another bail-out, where the small investors get crushed. This is the reason why Bitcoin was built. So that every single person has the possibility to hold the keys to their money themselves. Do it. If you have your bitcoin on an exchange move it into self-custody now.

I understand you might be scared to lose your 24 seed words and lose access to your bitcoin. That’s why I will do a Q & A session around that topic. Send me your questions on how to self-custody your Bitcoin here, I will answer them in my February Q & A video.

Last Weeks Bitcoin Q & a

Including answers to questions around exchanges, wallets, buying bitcoin, price predictions and more….

Quote of the Week

“In moments of uncertainty, when courage and strength are required, you find out who the true corporatist scumbags are.” - Chamath Palihapitiya

Users Exiting Robinhood and Using Coinbase Now?

Seems that betrayed retail investors delete Robinhood and move to Coinbase. Nice for Coinbase. But they are still a centralized exchange and the same can happen there.

Why the 21 Million Bitcoin Supply Limit and Not Any Other Amount?

Why 21 millionWhy 21 million Here is the original answer from Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Sunny Ray: Bitcoin’s Win vs. India’s Central Bank


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