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Documentation of My RaspiBlitz 1.7 Upgrade May 2, 2021 (L)earn Bitcoin I am a Windows user, I have some very basic BASIC knowledge. I know how to build websites with HTML, PHP and MySQL, but I am not a coder. I have How to Get a Secure Bitcoin Wallet: Blockstream Green Wallet Tutorial Feb 8, 2021 (L)earn Bitcoin The Blockstream “Green Wallet” by Green Address Ltd. is a non-custodial wallet. This means, that you are the true owner of your bitcoin. The Green Transaction Fees and Mempool Feb 8, 2021 (L)earn Bitcoin Johoe’s Bitcoin Mempool Statistics: https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#0,24h Mempool https://mempool.space BCH, BSV, BTG, BTC, BTC2, BTCV…What to Invest In Sep 7, 2020 (L)earn Bitcoin What is the difference between Bitcoin Vault and LocalBitcoins? What are all those different Bitcoin versions that can be found on exchanges or The Tinkerer’s Anthem Sep 6, 2020 (L)earn Bitcoin If you ever get overwhelmed by the fact, that as a Bitcoiner people will dismiss you, will argue with you, call Bitcoin a scam and many things more, Is Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme? Sep 4, 2020 (L)earn Bitcoin In August 1920 the “financial legend” Charles Ponzi was arrested. In only a year he had taken in $20 million dollars from ten-thousands of victims. Why Invest in the Future of Money With Bitcoin Jun 23, 2020 (L)earn Bitcoin & Talks It was great to be able to talk at the Lesbians Who Tech Virtual Pride Summit in 2020. Video should be available soon Bitcoin Basics: How to Use Bitcoin? a Talk by Anita Posch in Africa Feb 15, 2020 (L)earn Bitcoin & Bitcoin in Africa & Zimbabwe Bitcoin introduction: What is Bitcoin? Use-cases for bitcoin BTC, how to prevent scams, how bitcoin works, bitcoin mining, what is a blockchain, Presenting “2019 a Year in Review” at Bitcoin Austria 73rd Meetup Jan 3, 2020 Talks & (L)earn Bitcoin On Jan 3rd, 2020 I was presenting “2019 A year in review” at the 73rd Bitcoin Austria Meetup in Vienna. With charts and the most interesting Bitcoin Whitepaper Mar 21, 2018 (L)earn Bitcoin The Bitcoin Whitepaper as published by Satoshi Nakamoto on Oct 30, 2008 Whitepaper

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