What I am doing now

Will be launching my first video interview on YouTube later today. Setting up a new content production process to be as efficient as possible in producing a video and the audio podcast. Found a volunteer to help me with editing. But if you outsource parts of your work, the tasks are getting more before they are getting less.

Waiting for the new ATH in bitcoin and the media madness to start. Price is only 2 percent under the last ATH.

Started releasing Anita’s Weekly, a wrap up of the most interesting stories in bitcoin from my point of view. Every Friday.
Was working on my content strategy and branding in the last months. Seems I am getting on track, with what I want to focus on.

About 2 weeks ago I launched my Bitcoin & Co. tribe on https://tribes.sphinx.chat. I was one of the first 6 podcasts using the revolutionary, new streaming money tools of Adam Curry and Dave Jones. Now my RaspiBlitz Bitcoin and Lightning node is not running only, I am using it.

Started taking English lessons to become a better speaker and interviewer.

Updated Nov 26th

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