My Independent Podcast Setup

Since I have been asked by a colleague which tools I use to record and produce my podcast episodes I thought I publish a blog post as well. I know there are many ways to produce a podcast and way too much gear to select from. In contrast to most podcasts on the market, I host my episodes on my self-hosted WordPress.org website. I use the Podlove Plugin to publish episodes as WordPress posts. Podlove comes with built in download analytics in IAB standard. It is not the easiest setup, but the most independent one. And that is what is important to me.

Many of these new super easy possibilities to start podcasting with your smartphone or something like Anchor - you loose all your possibilities to influence what is happening with your work. Since the Google podcast player - which was my favourite - recently started to push ads in between my playlist, I am sure that ads will also be pushed inside episodes, when you release them on Anchor or some platform like that. I have ads in my podcast as well, but those are my sponsors. I have chosen them and I select them according to certain criteria.

Recording Gear for Podcast Interviews

Real life interviews I use the ZOOM H4nPro Handy Recorder and two Shure SM58 microphones.

Online interviews I use the online service Zencastr to record the talk. My microphone is a Lewitt DGT 450, which can be plugged in over USB on my laptop and iOS / iOX devices.

Editing the Audio

I use the free software Audacity on my laptop to compose the episodes. I do the transcription and raw editing of the interview in Descript. The final .wav file is uploaded into Auphonic post production and the mp3 is sent to my webserver, the mp4 to my YouTube channel.

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