What I am doing now

Working on the next episodes of my podcast. Will release the interview with Lyn Alden on Thursday and an interview with me by BTCbox Japan next Thursday.

Managed to be featured on the Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin last week. He was talking about Bitcoin and micropayments saying that it is not possible to make tiny transactions on Bitcoin. Contributed by speaking about the Lightning Network.

Did a 164 km bicycle ride last Saturday. Set a new personal record. It’s so interesting to do this, because 10 years ago I thought I will never ever ride such a long distance. But it’s really only in your head. If you are planning for it and set your mind up for it, then you just ride. I knew I would be riding for about 6,5 hours and then it’s not a problem. My tactic is to split the ride into smaller parts. Say after 10 km I say to myself it’s only 16 times the distance I already rode. After 40 km I say only 4 times the distance. After 120 km I say, these missing 40 km, I can ride that easily, because it is a small distance. And so it goes. Of course I felt my muscles and body a little itching for about 3 days. But in the end I love those solo rides.

Less glorious it feels to do my tax report. As a small solopreneur with multiple income streams from digital products, sponsorships to a print book sold on different platforms with different payment providers located in different countries and currencies the VAT tax reporting is cruelsom. Even more, because all those income streams are too small to outsource the work.

Thinking about where I want to live in the future. Will stay put until next autumn. Maybe New Zealand? And then travel every 3 months? Maybe Maui? Have to check out the options in the coming months. As long as there is no Covid-19 vaccine I won’t go anywhere for long. Even travelling is such a question. Shall I go to Prague or Zurich by train? How high are the risks. I’d rather stay home.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020