It's my goal to inspire and educate people on cryptocurrencies, the distributed ledger technology and the impact these are going to have on our businesses, society and environment. My special ability is to communicate complex technological topics to people of different professions and backgrounds in an easy understandable language.

In my public talks I combine facts about Bitcoin & Co. with real life examples, historical references and show the basic technology behind open blockchains. My speaking engagements include organisations like Bitcoin Austria, the Austrian chamber of commerce "E-Day 2018", Internet Summit Austria, the Austrian Investors Day or CIO(f) – FRAUEN IM IT-MANAGEMENT in Berlin.
I am also the host of the Bitcoin & Co. podcast. One of the rare or maybe the only german speaking Bitcoin podcast, hosted by a woman. Listen to my fascinating talks with bitcoin & open blockchains top-expert Andreas M. Antonopoulos or Saifedean Ammous, the author of "The Bitcoin Standard".
To complete my efforts on getting the best information about bitcoin and open blockchains out on the street I wrote a book about Bitcoin & Co. - how to manage and store cryptocurrencies in the most secure way - and I am offering an online academy with a Bitcoin & Co. knowledge crash-course. Book and Academy are available in german.
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"Anita Posch is an excellent speaker, she presents Bitcoin in all it's facets clear and enjoyable at the same time."
Johannes Grill President Bitcoin-Austria Society
"Dear Anita! Many thanks for your outstanding talk last week, which opened a new world for me!"
Günter Leonhartsberger, CFA GF, Leonhartsberger & Partners GmbH
"Anitas specialized knowledge was the key to our successfully managed strategic reorientation. Brilliant!"
Ingrid Kaiser-Hackl WWF Austria, Head of FR & Marketing