Decrypt, Major European Stock Exchange Lists First Bitcoin Product (Sept. 2020)
I celebrate how far Bitcoin has come in Austria, but I am also quick to point out the drawbacks of more people getting into cryptocurrency through these types of investment products without holding their own keys.

CoinDesk, In Zimbabwe, Crypto Is a ‘Liberation Tool’: Bitcoin in Africa, Part 1 of a New Documentary Podcast Series (March 2020)
CoinDesk is co-publishing my Bitcoin in Zimbabwe series.

Bitcoin Magazine, Satoshi Freeathlon Raises Awareness Through Sport (Aug. 2019)
I have been a part of Team Satoshi since 2019 and participated in the Satoshi Freeathlon.

CoinDesk, They Biked, Ran and Swam Over 200 Miles Across Europe – All for Bitcoin (Aug. 2019)
Article about the Satoshi Freeathlon.


Neckar Chronik, Bitcoins sind wie Bargeld (July 2020)
Explaining the differences between the digital Euro and a cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

Die Presse, Der Bitcoin-Kurs fährt Achterbahn (Oct. 2019)
Discussing current price movements in bitcoin.

Update Magazin, Geld für Alle, trotz des Bitcoin-Crashs hat die Zukunft von Kryptowährungen gerade erst begonnen (Aug. 2019)
Why a bear market is a good thing.

Die Presse, Streitthema Bitcoin: Bildung ist das Gebot der Stunde (Jan 2018)
In this op-ed I make the point that without education ground-breaking technologies like Bitcoin can not be understood and put in the right perspective of how they will change the world.